How to apply for accommodation

Depending on your situation, there are different ways to apply for accommodation at ANU.  

All accommodation applications are considered at the same time. It is not a first-come, first-serve system, and all applications are reviewed equally. Once you submit your application, nothing further is required to assess your application.  

Are you an undergraduate domestic direct applicant?  

As a domestic direct applicant, you are guaranteed accommodation in one of our approved residencies. Your accommodation application is included as part of your direct application to ANU. No additional application is required.  

When you apply, you will be asked to nominate your accommodation preference. View the student-residences options and decide the best place for you. We will do our best to offer you your preference, however this is not guaranteed. Learn more about how we manage your preferences.  

View the timelines and requirements for applying directly to ANU. 

If you require assistance with your accommodation costs, you may be eligible for one of the Accommodation Bursaries that are available.   For more information about the accommodation-bursaries

You can also choose to apply to one of the residences that fall under the  National Rent Affordability Scheme.


Are you a UAC applicant?  - including non-direct domestic applicants, domestic postgraduate, and international applicants 

If you are not an undergraduate domestic direct applicant, you will need to follow the steps below to apply for accommodation.  

Steps for applying 

Step 1: Decide which residence is right for you 

Browse your accommodation options to decide which residence is the best choice for you. We have both catered and non-catered options, as well as communal and individual living arrangements.

You can even view 360 videos and 3D images of each accommodation option to give you a better sense of the spaces.  

When you apply for accommodation you will be asked to nominate your preferred residency. There is one centralised application process for all residences. Learn more about how we manage your preferences. 

Step 2: Check if you are covered by the accommodation guarantee

Deadlines for applying for accommodation depend on if you meet the criteria for an accommodation guarantee.

We guarantee an offer of accommodation to all the following undergraduate students:

  • Indigenous students
  • Students with a disability**
  • Tuckwell scholars Incoming exchange students
  • First-year, first-semester, domestic undergraduate student
  • First-year, first-semester, international undergraduate student
  • Transferring student from another institution
  • ANU Medical School students
  • ANU College Foundation Program (Standard program-February commencement only)
  • Up to 50 local places for residents of the ACT or surrounds who live in a suburb which has one of the following postcodes: 0200,0221,2600-2612,2900-2914

We do not guarantee accommodation to:

You are still welcome to apply for accommodation however availability cannot be guaranteed. You are encouraged to consider alternative options, such as renting or recommended accommodation, even if you have applied for accommodation at ANU.

  • Postgraduate Coursework students
  • Postgraduate Research student
  • Existing students
  • Student with a late round UAC offer

Step 3: Apply

Your application must be completed in full and submitted within specified dates. Incomplete applications are not considered.

  Semester 1 Semester 2
Guaranteed applicants Open - 20 August
Close - 20 December (midnight)
Open - 1 April
Close - 8 June
Non-guaranteed applicants Open - 20 August
Close - To be confirmed
Open - 1 April
Close - 15 June

Applications for accommodation are submitted through the Accommodation Services Portal. You need to:

Step 4: Receive & accept your offer

Accommodation offers are made on a rolling basis. Offers are made separately from your offer to study at ANU and can be offered at any point up to commencement of classes.

You will receive an email with the information regarding your offer outcome. You will need to accept your accommodation offer within 48 hours of receiving it in order to secure your place.

Applications are free and there is no obligation to accept an accommodation offer.



Important considerations 

  • You should apply for accommodation before you are offered an academic place at ANU, even if you aren't sure if you will accept your offer of study. 
  • You may receive an offer for a residence different to your selected preference and costs may vary (e.g. you may have preference a catered residence, but you may be offered self-catered) 
  • If you want to change or cancel your accommodation, please email Accommodation Services or call 6125 1100. Please provide your 6-digit application ID, student ID, full name and surname at the time of contact.