Frequently Asked Questions

The Australian National University and Accommodation Services will shift to remote work and study which is effective from Thursday 26 March 2020.

We will still operate as the nation's university, but likely not from our campus until at least the end of semester on 27 June 2020. 

While we implement alterative work arrangements we cannot take your telephone calls and ask that you email with your enquiry.We are currently receiving a large number of enquiries and we will respond to you as soon as we are able.

In the meantime, we encourage you to review the Frequently Asked Questions on our website to assist with your enquiries.


Directly affected by the Travel Ban (you were unable to enter Australia due to the travel ban)


All information regarding this can be found here:


Residents living on campus


Q. Due to the evolving covid 19 situation, I want to go home, what should I do?

A. Start making travel arrangements now to go home.  Let you residence know if you want to go home advising them the date you are leaving.  Please make sure you provide your most up to date contact details and the address for where you are going.  Please do not leave without telling your residence staff that you are leaving as it is important we know who is in the building for safety reasons.


Q. Will I still have to pay rent if I go home?

A. Currently your occupancy agreement does require you to still pay rent, but the university is working hard to resolve matters and responsibilities under your occupancy agreement.  As soon as we have a clearer idea on what we can do about your rent and/or terminating your agreement we will be in touch with you.  Please make sure your direct debit is able to continue until you are notified otherwise.  


Q. Can I keep my room so if I decide to come back later I still have somewhere to live?

A. Yes, but please note we cannot suspend rent payments.  If you opt to retain your room to move back into at a later date we will consider the room as occupied.


Q.I want to go home but I can't book any travel - can someone help me go home?

A. Yes , please talk to people on your reception desk from Monday morning who will do everything they can to assist you with your travel plans.


Q. With the announcement students can go home does this mean the residences are unsafe?

A. No, communication with students about going home is in light of the new travel restrictions announced by the commonwealth government.  The residences and wider campus are still considered safe and we continue to operate under the advice of the panel of medical experts, ACT Health and the Commonwealth Government.


Q. Can I stay here if I do not want to or am unable to go home?

A. For many people ANU on campus Accommodation is their only option for a home in Australia. We will ensure you are able to stay safety in your on campus home. Our residences remain open, services are continuing and staff are still on site to support you.  


Q. If I stay will I still be fed?

A. Yes, we are continuing the catering service for our residents.  If the pandemic impacts staffing or supplies there may be a difference in how we deliver this service, but if that were to occur we will make sure you are informed with as much notice as possible.


Semester 2 2020 Accommodation Offers & Timelines

Q.  When can I apply for Semester 2 2020 accommodation?

A. Semester 2 2020 applications open on 1 April 2020 and close on 8 June 2020 for guaranteed undergraduate applicants. All other applicants need to have lodged an application within the advertised timelines to be considered for any remaining places.

NOTE: If you are applying through the Admissions, Scholarship & Accommodation (ASA) pathway you are not required to make another application on the portal.


Q. Does it make a difference at what stage I lodge my application within the application period?

A. No, it not a 'first in, first served' process. We wait until the closing date of the application period and then assess applications on an equal basis.


Q.  When will I be made an offer?

A.  Offers come out progressively following application closing dates and continue until all places have been filled, so if you are waiting on an offer keep an eye on your email in box.  If you are not considered a guaranteed applicant you should also look at accommodation alternatives.


Q.  Will I receive an offer for the residence I have selected in my application?

A.  Not necessarily, whilst we do try to meet your preference requirements your preference is not guaranteed. We have very high demand for our various types of accommodation and unfortunately we can't meet all requests.  You should accept the offer you have been made as you will not be given another offer if you decline or don't accept the one we send you.  If you did not receive an offer to your preferred residence this is because there are no vacancies available.  You were given the next available vacancy. 


Q.  I applied for catered accommodation but my offer is for a self-catered location - why?

A.  The number of applications we receive for catered accommodation exceeds the number of places we have available.  If we can't get you in to your first catered choice we exhaust all other catered spaces available before we offer self-catered.  Unfortunately, we can't meet everyone's requests. Please note: the accommodation guarantee does not guarantee your location or lifestyle choice, if guarantees you for approved University accommodation only.


Q.  Can I change my accommodation preference?

A.  Once offers have commenced we cannot change your preference.  This includes anyone waiting for an offer or who has been made an offer.


Q.  Why are the costs for the residence I have been offered higher than my selected preference?

A.  Costs vary amongst residences for various reasons (e.g. catered or non-catered, older style or new style, single studio or multi-share), although you may have selected a cheaper option due to demand you may be offered another Residence where costs are higher.  We understand that whilst finances are an issue to be considered but we can only send out offers for the vacancies we have.


Q.  Will my offer lapse if I don't accept it within the timeline listed in my accommodation offer letter?

A.  Yes, offers are only valid for the timelines listed on the offer letter, to ensure all applicants are offered accommodation and equal opportunity for acceptance.  You are no longer guaranteed accommodation if your offer lapses or is declined, you should seek accommodation elsewhere.


Q.  I didn't check my email and my offer has lapsed, can I get a new offer?

A.  As you are no longer guaranteed accommodation you will only be made another offer after all other applicants have been offered accommodation if there are available beds.  You should seek alternative accommodation off campus.


Q.  Where can I find out more information on the Accommodation Guarantee?

A.  You can find out more at


Q.  I am not covered by the Accommodation Guarantee; will I be made an offer?

A.  There are limited places available for non-guaranteed applicants; you should also seek alternative accommodation off campus.  Please do not arrive without having made housing arrangements. See for links to accommodation alternatives.


Q.  I am going to be away when offers are coming out, what should I do?

A.  If you can't check your emails yourself you should provide someone, who you trust, with access to your email and/or the Accommodation Portal so they can check for offers daily and act on your behalf. As an alternative you can place a redirect on your email to forward messages to another person's account.