Frequently Asked Questions

The Australian National University and Accommodation Services will shift to remote work and study which is effective from Thursday 26 March 2020.

We will still operate as the nation's university, but likely not from our campus until at least the end of semester on 27 June 2020. 

While we implement alterative work arrangements we cannot take your telephone calls and ask that you email with your enquiry.We are currently receiving a large number of enquiries and we will respond to you as soon as we are able.

In the meantime, we encourage you to review the Frequently Asked Questions on our website to assist with your enquiries.

Residents living on campus

Q. I have continued living in my residences during COVID-19, with students returning in Semester 2, 2020 what process will be put in place to ensure compliance with the residential requirements and standards?

A. The University takes its responsibility to help stop the spread of COVID-19 very seriously. Strict social distancing and hygiene protocols remain firmly in place, including restrictions on visitor numbers, gatherings and enhanced cleaning regimes.

Returning students, will be required to sign an acknowledgement that they are aware of the protocols, and that they agreed to comply with these hygiene and social distancing measures.  This will include them completing the same documentation that you were required to complete, as well as confirming acceptance of these protocols through the accommodation occupancy agreement.

Any residents found to be breaching these guidelines may be evicted from the residence.

Q.How will these hygiene and social distancing protocols be enforced? 

A.All in-room and returning residents will be provided with a one page summary of protocols. Safety Officers are checking activities in each residence and will enforce these protocols. Any student in breach of these measures will be subject to disciplinary procedures up to and including termination of their Occupancy Agreement. Please, take these obligations seriously. The safety of our community is everyone's responsibility.

Q.I live in a catered residence, how will the meal service be provided?

A.Catering services will continue for residents, however, due to the COVID-19 protocols, no communal serving or dining facilities will operate. All catered residences will provide pre-packed meals for residents to collect from the dining hall.  As the COVID-19 social distancing requirements change, a review of how the meal services are delivered may be required.  If these changes do occur, residences will inform students as soon as possible.

Q.I am living in a residence with shared bathroom and cooking amenities.  I do not have somewhere safe to move off campus and would like to move to a residence with self-contained facilities.Can I do this? 

A. The University takes its responsibilities regarding community safety very seriously, including ensuring the health and wellbeing of on campus residents. Strict social distancing and hygiene protocols have been implemented and are being enforced by Safety Officers. 

If you still remain concerned about your living arrangements, and would like to move to a self-contained apartment, please email the Accommodation Services team on  Please note that we cannot guarantee an apartment will be available as these apartments have been allocated for other emergency procedures.

Semester 2 2020 Returners post COVID19

Q. I was a resident who left campus on advice from the ANU.  When can I apply for to return to my Residence?

A. As health authorities implement a staged approach to the easing of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ANU is working hard to enable students who were residents in on campus accommodation in Semester 1, 2020 to return to the campus.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions that will remain in place, we will not be able to open our residences to full capacity. This means not all students will be able to return. However, we aim to welcome back as many students as is safe to do so and on a needs-based assessment.

The process for returning is available on the ANU accommodation website and your Residence will be able to assist you further should you have a questions about the process.

Q. I am a research student who left campus on advice from the ANU, I understand that the University will be prioritising our return.  How can I apply for to return to my Residence?

AAs communicated by the Vice Chancellor, the residences will open up alongside the staged increase in activities on campus.  Postgraduate students will be given priority in returning to their residence as research activities are the first to recommence on campus.

The process for returning for Semester 2, 2020 is available on the ANU accommodation website and your Residence will be able to assist you further should you have a questions about this process.  If you wish to return ahead of the Semester 2, 2020 start date, please email  The team will guide you further.

Q.I am intending to return to my Residence for Semester 2, 2020 do I reapply through the accommodation portal?

A.No, please do not submit a new accommodation application. The process for returning is available on the ANU accommodation website and your Residence will be able to assist you further should you have a questions about the process.

We aim to welcome back as many students as is safe to do so and on a needs-based assessment.  The assessment will consider individual circumstances based on the information you provide us about your reasons for returning. This could include your academic program requirements, employment opportunities, and the suitability of your current accommodation for ongoing study or safety concerns.

Q. I am intending to return to my Residence for Semester 2, 2020 will I be able to return to my same room?

A. Due to restrictions that will remain in place, we will not be able to open our residences to full capacity. However, we aim to welcome back as many students as is safe to do so and on a needs-based assessment.  Please contact your Residence for more information about the process of returning to your same room.

As a former resident, we will do our best to enable you to return to the same room as your Semester 1 contract, where possible. Where this is not possible, a like-for-like alternative will be offered. We remain mindful of the sense of community that your current Residence holds for you, and if you are offered a different Residence, you will continue to be offered the opportunity to participate in events at your former Residence.

Q.I left my Residence on advice from ANU and now wish to return early as my employment in Canberra has called me back. What should I do?

A.The residences will opening up alongside the staged increase in activities on campus.  If you wish to return ahead of the Semester 2, 2020 start date, please email and advise them of your circumstances.The team will guide you further, including the steps to follow.

Q.I am an international student who has returned to my home country, should I still apply to return to campus even though border restrictions might still be in place in Semester 2?

A.We encourage all students, including our international students to submit an application to return to your residence for Semester 2, 2020.  All applications will be assessed fairly and equitably.  Any offer for accommodation will remain contingent on Australian Government COVID-19 travel restrictions.  In the event that travel restrictions remain in place, your returner application will not be converted into an occupancy agreement.

Q.How will ANU do the needs-based assessment?  Is there something that I need to do?

A.Your returner application will ask you three questions that will help us to understand what you are looking forward to, if you have any concerns that we need to be aware of, and ask for you to provide feedback on how we can improve your residential experience.

We are also conducting a survey which was distributed on 2 June to ANU email addresses. If you have not received the email and/or received a timed out message, please email and a follow-up email will be sent.

The survey will ask you to reply to questions about why you need to return to living on campus. 

Both of these will help in the assessment of your application.  The aim is to offer all students the opportunity to submit an application to return, noting that due to the protocols in place that not all students will be able to live on campus.

Q.I have received feedback from my Residence about returning in Semester 2, 2020.  Can I apply as a returner in Semester 1, 2021 if I decide to delay my return due to health and safety considerations?

A.If you decided to delay your return until Semester 1, 2021 please review the information that will be posted on the accommodation website about the returner application process for 2021. The application process will open up in the middle of October (TBA). 

Q.I have a current outstanding debt with my Residence and I wish to return in Semester 2, 2020.  Am I able to return?

A.  As your account is in debt, a NSI (negative service indicator) has been placed against your student record.  Your will need to pay any outstanding fees before re-applying to return.

Q. I would like to return to my Residence in Semester 2, 2020, but a NSI has been placed on my account.  What do I do?

A. Please make direct contact with your Residence to agree how to pay the outstanding debt.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please inform your Residence and they will discuss various options with you.

Q. I left my Residence on advice from the ANU and now wish to return to a different Residence in Semester 2, 2020.  What should I do?

A. If you choose not to accept a returners offer to your current residence, you certainly can apply as a new applicant and select another Residence but please be aware that you will no longer be guaranteed accommodation and may not receive an offer for Semester 2 2020 if beds are not available.If you still wish to change your residence you are welcome to apply through the accommodation portal.  This application will be treated as a new application and not as a returning student. When applying, please select S2 2020 and state your accommodation preference but DO NOT use any current usernames or passwords-you must register as a new applicant. The link to the portal can be found here accommodation portal

Returning to collect my belongings

Q.I left my residence, and have now decided to continue studying remotely, can someone help me pack up my room?

A.If you wish to have your belongings removed or have left things in your room that you need, you can request to have them sent to you at your expense. To do this, please provide written permission to the reception staff at your residence for a named person to enter your room to pack and remove your belongings. If we require access to your room, we will seek permission from you regarding packing and sending you your

Q.Am I able to access my room after I have left my residence?

A.You will not be access your room once you have left your residence.This to ensure the health and safety of everybody still living at the residence.If you have a specific need to access to you room you will need to contact your residence to arrange for a suitable date and time. A 10 day lead time from the date that you submit your request is requested for planning purposes.

Q.How can I arrange to access my room after I have left my residence to collect my personal belongings?

A.If you wish to return to personally pack up your belongings, please make contact with your residence to arrange for a suitable date and time. For planning purposes, please give your residence a 10 day lead time from the date on which you submit your request to return to collect your belongings and the date on which you plan to arrive back.

It is recommended that you collect your personal belongings during working weeks and during office hours only.

Q.How long can I store my personal belongings in my room?

A.Your residence will continue to store your belongings in your room until Monday, 13th July 2020. Thereafter, your residence will be in contact with you regarding access to your room to pack your belongings on your behalf. The cost of packing and shipping to your forwarding address will be for your account.

Q.I have left my on campus residence but expect mail deliveries after I have checked out.What can I do?

A.Please speak to your respective residence about this matter, and they will try and assist where possible.

Semester 2 2020 Accommodation Offers & Timelines (NEW APPLICANTS)

Q.  When can I apply for Semester 2 2020 accommodation?

A. Semester 2 2020 applications open on 1 April 2020 and close on 8 June 2020 for guaranteed undergraduate applicants. All other applicants need to have lodged an application within the advertised timelines to be considered for any remaining places.

NOTE: If you are applying through the Admissions, Scholarship & Accommodation (ASA) pathway you are not required to make another application on the portal.

Q. Does it make a difference at what stage I lodge my application within the application period?

A. No, it not a 'first in, first served' process. We wait until the closing date of the application period and then assess applications on an equal basis.

Q.  When will I be made an offer?

A.  Offers come out progressively following application closing dates and continue until all places have been filled, so if you are waiting on an offer keep an eye on your email in box.  If you are not considered a guaranteed applicant you should also look at accommodation alternatives.

Q.  Will I receive an offer for the residence I have selected in my application?

A.  Not necessarily, whilst we do try to meet your preference requirements your preference is not guaranteed. We have very high demand for our various types of accommodation and unfortunately we can't meet all requests.  You should accept the offer you have been made as you will not be given another offer if you decline or don't accept the one we send you.  If you did not receive an offer to your preferred residence this is because there are no vacancies available.  You were given the next available vacancy. 

Q.  I applied for catered accommodation but my offer is for a self-catered location - why?

A.  The number of applications we receive for catered accommodation exceeds the number of places we have available.  If we can't get you in to your first catered choice we exhaust all other catered spaces available before we offer self-catered.  Unfortunately, we can't meet everyone's requests. Please note: the accommodation guarantee does not guarantee your location or lifestyle choice, if guarantees you for approved University accommodation only.

Q.  Can I change my accommodation preference?

A.  Once offers have commenced we cannot change your preference.  This includes anyone waiting for an offer or who has been made an offer.

Q.  Why are the costs for the residence I have been offered higher than my selected preference?

A.  Costs vary amongst residences for various reasons (e.g. catered or non-catered, older style or new style, single studio or multi-share), although you may have selected a cheaper option due to demand you may be offered another Residence where costs are higher.  We understand that whilst finances are an issue to be considered but we can only send out offers for the vacancies we have.

Q.  Will my offer lapse if I don't accept it within the timeline listed in my accommodation offer letter?

A.  Yes, offers are only valid for the timelines listed on the offer letter, to ensure all applicants are offered accommodation and equal opportunity for acceptance.  You are no longer guaranteed accommodation if your offer lapses or is declined, you should seek accommodation elsewhere.

Q.  I didn't check my email and my offer has lapsed, can I get a new offer?

A.  As you are no longer guaranteed accommodation you will only be made another offer after all other applicants have been offered accommodation if there are available beds.  You should seek alternative accommodation off campus.

Q.  Where can I find out more information on the Accommodation Guarantee?

A.  You can find out more at

Q.  I am not covered by the Accommodation Guarantee; will I be made an offer?

A.  There are limited places available for non-guaranteed applicants; you should also seek alternative accommodation off campus.  Please do not arrive without having made housing arrangements. See for links to accommodation alternatives.

Q.  I am going to be away when offers are coming out, what should I do?

A.  If you can't check your emails yourself you should provide someone, who you trust, with access to your email and/or the Accommodation Portal so they can check for offers daily and act on your behalf. As an alternative you can place a redirect on your email to forward messages to another person's account.

Financial Assistance

Q.How is ANU supporting students who are in need of financial support, and how do I apply?

A.The University has provided an additional $1million of funding towards the emergency programs run by ANUSA and PARSA to support students who need emergency financial support.  This is in addition to the emergency grants and emergency accommodation bursaries that are already available. 

This support will be coordinated by our Pro Vice-Chancellor (University Experience) and the teams from ANUSA and PARSA

To apply for an emergency grant: 

Undergraduate students will be required to download and complete the form, attach required supporting documentation and send it to the ANUSA Student Assistance Team at Visit the ANUSA website for more details.

Postgraduate students will be required to complete an online form at the PARSA website. Visit the PARSA websites for further details.

What do the emergency grants help pay for? 

The grants will be used to support you if you're experiencing financial stress. You can apply for a grant to cover: 

  • Accommodation
  • Travel
  • Grocery vouchers 
  • Textbook/educational IT resources to support remote study
  • Medical costs 

To apply for an emergency accommodation bursary:

The accommodation bursaries is designed to assist full time ANU students, established in permanent accommodation, who are experiencing unexpected financial hardship.For more information about eligibility and application processes please refer to accommodation-bursaries

Lodging an application does not guarantee a bursary will be awarded.