Consent Matters online module


Consent Matters

In order to finalise your 2020 Inter-Residence Transfer or 2020 Returner application, you must complete the Consent Matters Module and successfully complete the Consent Matters quiz by Monday 21st October. If you do not complete the module and quiz, your 2020 Inter-Residence Transfer or 2020 Returners application will be cancelled.

It is your responsibility to check that you have successfully completed both components of the module prior to the deadline. If you have previously completed, you are still required to do the module as a refresher course. If you have any difficulties completing the module please contact staff at your Residence immediately. Do not leave this to the last minute.

The Consent Matters online module is compulsory for all students through Wattle. The online module explores the nature of sexual consent, how to recognise it and how to identify situation where it can't be given. The module also encourages participants to recognise the importance of good communication, clear boundaries and mutual respect within sex and relationships. The principles of bystander intervention, particularly when and how to intervene, are also explored. 

Please note that some residents may request not to complete the Consent Matters module (e.g. for religious/cultural reasons, triggering content). They must make this request directly to their Head of Residence at least 2 business days prior to the due date. The Head of Residence will determine if the request can be granted.