Offer acceptance

Congratulations on being made an offer of accommodation at ANU Residences!


Occupancy Agreement

By accepting this offer of accommodation, you are entering into a binding Occupancy Agreement with the University for the period specified in your Offer Letter.

Your Occupancy Agreement is made up of the following documents:

You should familiarise yourself with each of these documents before finalising your acceptance then download, print or save these documents as they contain important information about your rights and responsibilities as a resident.



ALL Prospective Residents - complete your online acceptance and finalise payment of the acceptance fees for this offer within the timelines noted from the date you were made the offer of accommodation. If you are experiencing any difficulties with this timeline, please contact the residence you have received the offer from immediately for assistance.

If you fail to accept your offer within the noted timeframe, you will forfeit your opportunity to live in an ANU provided accommodation facility and will no longer be guaranteed accommodation.

If you choose not to accept this offer but still intend to come to ANU, you will need to locate alternative accommodation off-campus. If you require help locating off-campus accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact Accommodation Services on Alternatively you can read more about off-campus accommodation here.



Your accommodation contract starts on the date provided in your Offer Letter. You are responsible for payment of rent from this date, even if you arrive at a later time. If you require accommodation prior to this date, please contact your Residence directly to check for availability. There will be a cost for any extra nights you stay outside of the contract period.


Fees and Charges

Please refer to your Offer Letter for details of your accommodation facility's acceptance fees and link to their website for details of other forms required. These fees must be paid online or directly to the accommodation facility within the time frame stipulated above in order for the acceptance to be valid. Failure to pay within the time frame forfeits your offer of accommodation and you will not be made any further accommodation offers by the University.

This is a legally binding agreement. Please ensure you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions associated with your residency including the Occupancy Agreement, the Residential Handbook and Schedule of Fees. By accepting this offer you are entering into a legally binding agreement with the University.