Applications and timelines

Depending on your situation, there are different ways to apply for accommodation at ANU

Living in an ANU Residence is more than a place to live and sleep, it offers students a life changing opportunity to:

  • Grow and develop a sense of independence
  • Form relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • Make life-long friends and networks
  • Develop life skills such as setting and achieving goals, navigating new experiences, problem solving, living well in a diverse community

Our campus accommodation provides students:

  • A vibrant intentional living and learning environment
  • A safe and supportive community, with pastoral care onsite
  • Academic enrichment and support programs
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Opportunities to grow into leadership positions

If you are looking to join our community the following information will help you as you prepare to submit your application for accommodation.

Once you submit your application nothing further is required of you.  Accommodation applications are reviewed equally and are not assessed on a first-come, first-serve system.


Are you an undergraduate domestic direct applicant?

As a domestic direct applicant, you are guaranteed accommodation in one of our approved residencies. Your accommodation application is included as part of your direct application to ANU. No additional application is required.

When you apply, you will be asked to nominate your accommodation preference. View the student residences options and decide the best place for you. We will do our best to offer you your preference, however this is not guaranteed. Learn more about how we manage your preferences. View the timelines and requirements for applying directly to ANU.

The following are important dates to remember

9 August 2021                 Offers released (based on Year 11 results)
6 September 2021           Acceptance deadline
23 December 2021          Final offers released - Round 1

7 January 2022


18 January 2022

Final offers released - Round 2


Deadline to accept final offer and pay accommodation fees

Are you a UAC applicant - including non-direct domestic, domestic postgraduate and international applicants?

If you are not a domestic direct applicant and will be applying to study at ANU and need accommodation, you will need to make a separate application on the Accommodation Services Portal.  When applying for accommodation please carefully review the application timelines and key dates. 

If you are an undergraduate student commencing in your first year first semester at ANU, you are guaranteed accommodation in one of our approved residences.  We will try to offer you your preference, but if this is not possible we will offer you a lifestyle alternative. 

Should you still wish to move to a different residence, you can apply to participate in the bi-annual inter residence transfer process.  For more about the inter residence transfer.

The following are important dates to remember

20 August 2021 2022 applications open
20 December 2021 2022 guarantee applications close
21 January 2022 2022 non guarantee applications close


What are the important things that you need to consider?

How we allocate rooms

We consider all accommodation applications equally. We will make offers on an ongoing basis until we have placed all guaranteed students in a room. We will then offer to non-guaranteed applicants.

We will do our best to make you an offer of a room from your preferred residence, but we are unable to guarantee it.

As we will only make you one accommodation offer, we recommend you accept it.  

Important information for part-time students

If you are studing part-time at ANU you are able to apply for accommodation. 

If you are already living on campus and looking to reduce your study load, you can continue staying in your residence. 

Please contact for more information

Important information for offshore international students

If you offshore, and have applied to study at ANU in 2022 and need accommodation, please contact for advice. 

Current students can still apply for accommodation

If you have been living off campus, and would like to move to one of our on campus accommodation options, please apply directly to the Accommodation Services Portal or contact for more information.

Short-term accommodation contracts

If you are a current student who has been living off campus and you are interested in moving back to one of our campus accommodation options but have a need for a short-term contract, please do contact for more information.  Specific conditions apply,