Accommodation 2021 - what you need to know

For those students who are are coming to ANU in 2021, congratulations.  It promises to be an exciting year with great opportunities to create a new home away from home, make new friends and embrace a collegiate experience.  We also know that you will probably have a sense of uncertainty with many questions.  We are here to help guide you and answer any queries that you may have.  

The below and the attached reference documents will hopefully provide you with the answers that you seek.  

I am a new student starting in Semester 1 2021 and I would like to know when will I receive my offer?

Some ASA accommodation offers will be released between the 23rd and 24th December 2020.

Accommodation Services will close their office on the afternoon of the 24th December 2020 and will re-open on 4th January 2021.  Offers will be progressively released from the 4th January until all places have been filled.

More information about the timelines can be found at offers and timelines


How do I accept my accommodation offer?

Please carefully follow the instructions in your formal offer email to accept and pay for your accommodation.  If you experience any difficulties in accepting your offer, please contact your Residence.


What fees do I have to pay to accept my offer?

Your acceptance payment will vary depending on the residence you are allocated to. Your acceptance payment is the sume of the following fees:

Registration fee (for new students only

Refundable deposit

Resident Committee Fees

Two weeks rent


When do I have to accept my offer?

Please read your offer letter carefully as this will state the acceptance deadline.  Some deadlines could be as short as 48 hours.  If do experience difficulty in accepting or making your payment please contact the Residence you received the offer from immediately to discuss what options are available to you.


Can I extend the date to accept my offer?

As we experience a high demand for our accommodation and as ANU is committed to giving as many students as possible an opportunity to live in on-campus accommodation, we are unable to extend acceptance dates noted on your official accommodation contract.  If you are experiencing difficulty in accepting or making your payment please contact the Residence you received the offer from immediately to discuss what options are available to you.


Can I change my mind after I accept my offer?

If you decide to accept your offer and later change your mind, you will have to cancel your contract.  Please email with information about the request to cancel.  The team will then provide explain the cancellation process and refund of the relevant fees.


I have my academic offer but not my accomodation offer what do I do?

Please contact us and we can assess whether you do have an application and we can provide you further advice. We are unable to offer accommodation to an applicant who has not submitted an accommodation application.

If you have not applied for accommodation, you must submit an application for accommodation through our portal


Can I decline my offer?

It is up to you to decide if you want to live on campus of not.  If you decide to decline the offer but later decide you want accommodation, you can contact us to reactivate your application.  Please note if you decline your offer for guaranteed accommodation, any further applications will no longer be eligible for the guarantee.


Can I submit a late application?

Yes, but please note your application will not be eligible for guaranteed accommodation.  Offers will be provided as spaces are available.  We advise you also review our off campus accommodation options to ensure you are not left without accommodation.


Can I change my preference?

Unfortunately, you are not able to change your preference. ANU does have an inter-residence transfer process, while this is not guaranteed, we will try and assist you where possible.


When should I arrive at my Residence?

Your occupancy agreement will provide you with details of your contract start date.  Most Residences will have check-in and arrival between 1 February and 3 February. If you plan to arrive after the contract start date, please do let the Residence know of your planned arrival date, noting you are still required to make payment from the start of your contract.


What do I need to know before move-in day?

Your Residence will provide you with a pre-arrival information.This is sent to you by email once you accept your offer of accomodation



For futher information about accommodation offers, accepting your offer, rejecting your offer, and arriving at your Residence please refer to the FAQ Reference documents.