A guide to moving to our Lodges

Moving to a Lodge is your next step towards independence. You may have lived in a catered Hall or have moved straight out of home and this can be a little daunting. We know that your move to a more independent style of living at Lodges is the start of a new adventure.

Our Lodges are managed by a capable, friendly and student-focused team. The pastoral care and academic support programs on offer at the Lodges are aligned with the same programs offered by the Halls. All the Lodges are of a modern design and provide comfort and an ability to relax, study, cook and share meals has been considered. From roof-top gardens to ground floor BBQ and entertainment areas, the design in your apartment or in the communal spaces of the Lodges is aimed at creating shared spaces of meeting and socialising.

Have a look at our Lodge booklet for more information.


Preparing to move into an ANU Lodge

To help you as you prepare to move into one of Lodges, we have prepared a welcome to ANU Lodge and a handy guide which we hope will be of value to you.