Living in a catered or self catered residence

Living in a catered residence

Our catered residences offer a nutritional and well balanced menu plan.  The food is prepared on site by Chartwells who have a strong focus and approach to fresh and seasonal food with natural and simply delicious flavours.  The menu plan has been prepared factoring in feedback from students and the Chartwells smart food program

If you have specific needs, including vegetarian, coeliac and Halaal requirements, please let the residential staff know so that a meal plan can be tailored to these needs.  

The Summer menu begins at the start of Semester 1 and the Winter menu begins at the start of Semester 2 and then transitions into the Spring menu.  The menu offers two vegetarian dishes and half of these vegetarian dishes are suitable for vegans. 

Three daily additional protein boost bars will be offered across lunch and dinner meal periods.  Thursday dinners will have a different themed comfort style menu developed with residential inpu.

Take a look at a typical Summer menu plan under the 'Reference documents' section.

Living in a self-catered residence

Living in a self-catered residence can save you money on food costs.  It also allows you to cook to your own unique taste and food preferences.  Learning to cook is an essential part of leaving home. Cooking doesn't have to be complicated and there are plenty of options available to make cooking easy and hassle free. Start off with simple easy recipes and grow your confidence from there, alternatively, you can gather some friends and learn to cook together.

Cookbooks are available at libraries to borrow or you can find quality and cheap cookbooks at op shops or places such as Kmart and Big W. You can also find plenty of easy recipes options online with easy step instructions.

You can also subscribe to a fresh food delivery service where the ingredients and instructions are packed and delivered straight to you (so no grocery shopping is required either), some options include Marley Spoon, Hello Fresh and Dinnerly.

The QR codes for these are included in the 'Reference documents' section.