Moving out checklist and next steps

We hope that your residential experience has been a learning and growing time, and that you have been able to form life-long friendships and networks.​

Before you leave us, some final notes... ​

  • ​Your room must be left neat, clean, dusted and vacuumed. All 3M hooks, posters, stickers etc. must be removed from all surfaces and fittings. If you believe removal will cause damage please talk to your residential staff for assistance
  • If you have been allocated space in communal areas (e.g. fridges, kitchen cupboards), these must be emptied and cleaned. ​If requested by the Residence, you must complete a Check-Out Form/Inventory Check​
  • Failure to adequately clean your room or allocated space will result in a cleaning fee being deducted from your refundable deposit ​
  • After checking out, residents may not stay with a friend in the Residence unless they have received permission from the residential staff to do so ​
  • Residents are required to vacate their room by 10.00am on the date of departure. ​

We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.  ​

Griffin Hall - Non Residential Community

Griffin Hall - Non Residential Community

Griffin Hall offers opportunities for students who are not living at campus accommodation to engage in a dynamic and connected university experience.

Griffin Hall is a non-residential community established in 2010 as the first of its kind in Australia. Students who are part of Griffin Hall can access events, networks, sports, art, friendships, pastoral care, leadership opportunities and more.

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