How accommodation preferences are managed

ANU is committed to ensuring the wellbeing, safety and security for students living on campus. 

This opportunity and experience is available to all students living on campus, and is not tied to a particular residence.  Remember - what you put into your residential community will generate lifelong memories, friendships and connections.

In choosing where to live, the below does need to be taken into consideration.

We guarantee you a bed - not your preference.

We know that your accommodation preference is important to you, however as the accommodation preference is not guaranteed we recommend you accept the offer you have been made.  If you did not receive an offer to your preferred residence this is because there are no vacancies available and you were given the next available vacancy. 

Preferences are usually selected based on price or lifestyle (e.g. catering) but due to demand we are unable to place all applicants where they want to go.

We will offer other locations which have price or lifestyle differentials - you should plan for this within your budget and understand that you may have to cook for yourself even if you selected a catered option.

Refer to the below Q&As for more information about changing your accommodation preferences.

Choosing your accommodation preference

When applying for accommodation you will have the opportunity to select one preference, so it is important that you consider the type and style of accommodation that best matches the lifestyle that you enjoy.

View the student voiced 360 videos for our self catered and catered residences.

All of our residences are conveniently located on or very close to campus. For more information about our student residences

Lifestyle considerations when selecting a preference

Things to consider, do you prefer:

  • living in a catered residence where all your meals are provided,
  • a flexi catered residence where 16 meals per week are provided,
  • a residence that is self-catered and where you cook for yourself
  • a residence where communal facilities and amenities are shared (shower and toilet areas are unisex and shared with other residents )
  • living in your own private apartment with self-contained toilet and cooking facilities
  • a multi-share apartment with your own lockable bedroom, where you can cook for yourself within the apartment and toilet amenities are shared

Financial and budget considerations when selecting your preference

Costs vary across all accommodation styles and we encourage you to budget for all variances as preferences cannot be guaranteed. Please refer to our cost comparison

Request to change your accommodation preferences

  • Students who have applied as a domestic direct applicant, who would like to change their accommodation preference, should follow the steps in the email sent to them AFTER they accept the early offer released on 5 September 2022. This will explain the steps to follow. 
  • Students who have applied as a non-direct applicant, who would like to change their accommodation preference, please contact

Preference Change Requests are not guaranteed.

Allocating students to our residences

When selecting students for our various residences, we run an auto-allocation process. The parameters are set on ensuring a balanced demographic and gender mix, including an even split across domestic, regional, remote, interstate and international students.

We also look to the diversify the countries our international students are from, and lastly, we consider the range of academic programs our students are studying.

There is nothing personal in the selection of the residential mix.

Burgmann College and John XXIII College undertake their own unique selection process, which is outside of the University's process.  If you have any enquiries regarding their selection process please contact the Colleges directly.