Applying to return to your residence

As a resident you are offered an Occupancy Agreement and a place to live for up to one year (44 weeks in a Hall, 48 weeks or 51 weeks in a Lodge and 52 weeks at Graduate House). This provides you with a sense of stability, it also helps to preserve the culture of the Residence and maintain a balanced and diverse community.

We know that in most instances, residents will look to return to on-campus accommodation as they continue on with their academic journey. The governing principle for re-admission to the residences is to ensure that the culture and balance of the residence is maintained whilst acting with due regard for the University's strategic plans and initiatives.

Re-admission is not automatic and is subject to an application process. As a general guiding principle, your contribution to and involvement in the residence, your conduct and your rental payment track record serve as a guideline when reviewing your re-admission application.

For residents applying to returning in 2023 you are guaranteed a space on the basis that you meet the abovementioned criteria for your return.  Every effort will be made to give you an offer for your first preference.

Please refer to the indicative dates which provide a timeline of the process to be followed.