Applying for accommodation in Semester 2

Congratulations and welcome to those students who are are commencing with their studies with the Australian National University in Semester 2 2021.  We know that it is an exciting time and that you probably have some questions about what the next steps are once you have completed and submitted your application for accommodation. 

We are here to help guide you through the process and answer any queries that you may have.  Remember that we are only a phone call away.  

The below and the reference guide booklet will hopefully provide you with answers to the questions that you may have.


I am a new student starting in Semester 2 2021 and I would like to know when I will received my offer?

Accommodation offers will be released and emailed to students from 16 June onwards. Offers will be be sent on a rolling progressive basis. Please remember to check your email inbox as well as your junk email folder on a regular basis.

More information about the timelines can be found at offers and timelines

If you have not heard from us by the end of June, please contact us.

How and by when do I accept my accommodation offer?

Follow the instructions in your formal offer of accommodation.  The offer will include details on how to accept and pay for your accommodation.  Your offer will also the acceptance deadline date.   If you experience any difficulties in accepting your offer, please contact your Residence who will talk you through the relevant steps and provide you with solutions.

What fees do I have to pay to accept my offer?

Your acceptance payment will vary depending on the residence you are allocated to. Your acceptance payment is the sum of the following fees:

Registration fee (for new students only

Refundable deposit

Resident Committee Fees

Two weeks rent

Can I extend the date to accept my offer?

As we do experience a high demand for our accommodation and as ANU is committed to giving as many students as possible an opportunity to live in on-campus accommodation, we are unable to extend acceptance dates noted on your official accommodation contract.  If you experience any difficulty in accepting  the offer and/or making your payment, please contact the Residence you received the offer from immediately to discuss what options are available to you.

Can I change my mind after I accept my offer and paid my acceptance fees?

If you have accepted your offer and later change your mind, you will have to cancel your contract.  Please contact the Residence you recevied the offer from and advise them that you wish to cancel.  The team will will explain the contract cancellation process, the steps to follow and the forms to fill out.  Also refer to clause 10 and 12 in your Occupancy Agreement.

What should I do if I have not received my accomodation offer?

Please  first check your junk email folder. 

If you have not received your offer, please contact us and we can assess whether you do have a completed accommodation application.  Remember that we will only offer accommodation after you have received and accepted your academic offer.

If you have not applied for accommodation, you must submit an application for accommodation through our portal

Can I decline my accommodation offer?

It is up to you to decide if you want to live on campus of not.  If you decide to decline the offer but later decide you want accommodation, you can contact us to reactivate your application.

If you decline your offer for guaranteed accommodation, any further applications will no longer be eligible for the guarantee. 

Note:  declining the offer means that you have not yet accepted and paid the acceptance fees.   If you have accepted your offer and paid the acceptance fees, you will need to follow the steps to cancel your contract. 

Can I submit a late application?

Yes, but please note your application will not be eligible for guaranteed accommodation.  Offers will be provided as spaces are available.

Can I change my preference?

Unfortunately, you are not able to change your preference.  It is important that you do the right amount of research before selecting your accommodation preference. 

Think about your specific needs and requirements as well as your budget before you select your preference.

When should I arrive at my Residence and what do I need to know before move-in day?

Your letter of offer will include details of your contract start date. 

If you plan to arrive after the contract start date, please do let the Residence know of your planned arrival date, noting that you are still required to make payment from the start date on your contract.

Your Residence will provide you with pre-arrival information.  This is sent to you by email once you accept your offer of accomodation.

Please also refer to the moving in checklist for more information.