Accommodation application & timelines

If you are looking to join our community, and depending on your situation, there are different ways to apply for accommodation at ANU. Find out more about them by visiting the following pages:


Once you submit your application nothing further is required of you. Accommodation applications are reviewed equally and are not assessed on a first-come, first-serve system.


Important things to consider

How we allocate rooms

We consider all accommodation applications equally. We will make offers on an ongoing basis until we have placed all guaranteed students in a room. We will then offer to non-guaranteed applicants.

We will do our best to make you an offer of a room from your preferred residence, but we are unable to guarantee it.

As we will only make you one accommodation offer, we recommend you accept it.  

Important information for part-time students

If you are studying part-time at ANU you are able to apply for accommodation. 

If you are already living on campus and looking to reduce your study load, you can continue staying in your residence. 

Please contact for more information

Important information for offshore international students

If you are offshore, and have applied to study at ANU in 2023 and need accommodation, you will need to make a separate application on the Accommodation Services Portal. More information about the application key dates, please visit Applying for accommodation as a non-direct applicant.

Current students can still apply for accommodation

If you have been living off campus, and would like to move to one of our on campus accommodation options, please apply directly to the Accommodation Services Portal or contact for more information.