International students - Accept or decline

Congratulations on your offer to study at ANU. Your offer email contains important information about your offer and how to accept. 

Your offer to study at ANU will be sent by email, so it's important you give us an active email address that you check regularly.

If you applied to ANU through an authorised Education Agent, your offer will be emailed to them.

You must accept your offer no later than the date indicated in your offer, unless an earlier date is specified by email from the University. We recommend you accept your offer as soon as possible so you can start to plan your studies and get involved with the ANU community.

How do I accept my offer?

Direct Applicants

Complete the personalised Acceptance & Payment Advice form attached to your offer letter, then scan and email the completed form to

Alternatively, you can send a copy to the mailing address indicated on your offer letter.

Please be aware that your acceptance must be received by the acceptance deadline published on your offer letter, unless an earlier date is specified by the University.

UAC International Applicants

If you applied through the Universities Admissions Centre, you will need to complete the Offer Acceptance Declaration and Payment Form and email the completed form to

Under 18 years old

If you will be under 18 years old at the time of commencement, your living arrangements while studying will need to be approved at the time of acceptance.

You and a parent/guardian will need complete the International Student Under 18 Agreement.

Please refer to the Under-18 information page for advice on acceptace deadlines.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. The amount you need to pay will be included in your offer letter.


We recommend that deposits to be paid via Convera.

The ANU Convera payment portal supports bank transfers and Union Pay with debit and credit cards. Please make sure to include your ANU Student ID so that we can identify the transaction.  

For more information regarding the Convera payment portal, please visit our fees & payments webpage for International Students.


All students with an Australian bank account with one of the financial institutions participating in BPAY® will be able to use this method to pay their deposit.

Please Note: Payments may take 24-48 hours to appear on your student account depending upon the time of day the payment is made.  Payments made on weekends may take longer. 

Your BPAY® biller code and reference number will appear on your invoice.  The BPAY® reference number is unique to you, the session you are paying for and the type of fee you are paying. If you use another student's BPAY® reference number, you will be paying somebody else's fees.  To ensure your payment is allocated correctly, use the reference number on the current invoice each term.

If you need assistance identifying your ANU Student ID, please contact Student Central by emailing

BPAY® Biller Code: 39545

BPAY® Reference Numbers for 2023

Term Name

Term Code

Fees (DTF, ISF, SA Fee,

OSHC and Late Fees)*

Summer/Quarter 1 3320

32043<uni id>

First Semester


33043<uni id>

Autumn/Quarter 2 3340

34043<uni id>

Winter/Quarter 3


35043<uni id>

Second Semester


36043<uni id>

Spring/Quarter 4


37043<uni id>

** When including your uni id, only use the 7 digits, do not include the letter 'u'. **

Please note: The Australian National University does not offer payment plans for the payment of tuition fees

Can I defer my ANU offer?

No. If you receive an offer to study at ANU but are unable to take up your place, we encourage you to change your intake when the next available change of preference window opens.

How do I decline my ANU offer?

To decline your offer, send an email with your name, date of birth and application details to ANU Admissions.

If you have paid a tuition fee deposit, you may be eligible for a full or partial refund.

I need help understanding my ANU offer. Who can I contact?

If you need help, contact International Admissions.

I've accepted my ANU offer. What happens next?

After you've met all the conditions, accepted your offer and paid the tuition fee deposit, the International Admissions team will issue you with an electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE). You require the eCoE to apply for an Australian student visa. Please allow five to ten business days to receive your eCoE.  Approximately two months prior to the commencement of the semester, you will receive an email containing your ANU student identification number and password. This email will also tell you how to enrol in your classes.

You may not receive this email immediately. However, you will receive this email before your program is due to commence.

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