Going home checklist for International Students

Coming home after studying abroad can be just as exciting as leaving was. There are so many things to look forward to, however, there are also things you may need to do before you leave Australia. We've put together a list of things you need to consider to help prepare for your departure.  


Generally, students will be automatically identified and assessed by their respective academic areas for graduation. You will be notified via ISIS on your graduation status. When you receive your invitation to graduate, you will need to respond your invitation via ISIS. Refer to ANU pages below for more information about graduation.  

Deferring graduation, temporary graduate visa and completion letter 
You can defer your graduation invitation for a ceremony in the future. However, doing this will mean that you will not receive your award/s and academic documents until then. Your Testamur will reflect the date of the conferred award. 

Applying for visa 485 without academic documents 
Depending on the type of visa you intend to apply, you may be able to use completion letter to support your application. We recommend that you seek advice from migration agents if you intend to defer your graduation and is unsure about how this may impact your visa applications. 

If you require a letter that confirms your completion of program requirements, you can request for a 'Completion Letter' from your academic college. You will need to wait until grades for your final semester have been released to be issued a completion letter.  

Check your accommodation contract for your end of your occupancy date. If you live on-campus, speak to your accommodation provider on check-out requirements.  You will likely be required to clean your room and have your room inspected prior to checking out.

If you live off-campus, depending on your rental agreements, you may need to do the below:  
  • provide notice or find a replacement if moving out prior to end-of-contract date. 

  • ask your agent about lodging a bond refund request. 

  • arrange for a property clean and repair - or as noted in your rental contract.  


Finalise bills and cancel direct debits after your final payments. Check what direct debits you have set up and see if you need to cancel them or transfer ownership name prior to leaving Australia.  

Donate, sell or dispose your belongings responsibly.
Make a list of your belongings and decide on which items you'd like to take home, rehome, giveaway or sell. If you are looking to rehome your belonging, consider some of the options below:





Lodging your final tax return 
If you are leaving Australia permanently before the end of the income year (usually 30 June), you can lodge your tax return early. Lodge your tax return before leaving Australia | Australian Taxation Office (ato.gov.au)

Claiming your superannuation payment 
If you have worked and earned super during your time in Australia, you can apply to have your super paid to you as a departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP). DASP is taxed before you receive it. Check if you are eligible here:  Eligibility for DASP | Australian Taxation Office (ato.gov.au)  

Before you leave, check if you have any outstanding medical insurance claims you'd like to submit. If you finish your studies early, you might be eligible for a refund. Contact your OSHC provider for more information.  

Closing your Australian Bank account 
Depending on your bank provider, monthly fees may be applicable to account holders who are no longer enrolled in courses. If you are leaving Australia permanently, remember to close your bank accounts and pay any outstanding balances to avoid incurring administrative. overdraft or dishonour fees.  

Cancel your direct-debit payments 
Make a list of any direct-debit payments you have set up. Think about your gym membership fees, media subscriptions or mobile phone plans. Remember to consult relevant parties if you intend to cancel your subscription plans or direct debit arrangements.  

Extending your stay and assistance after graduation  
Some services at ANU will remain available to alumni for up to a year after your graduation. This includes ANU Careers services, ANU Alumni and ANUSA legal services. For further support and advice relating on matters that may affect your departure from Australia as an international student, please contact the international student advisor at student.experience@anu.edu.au  



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