Sporting Groups and Events

A variety of sports are on offer to members of the non-residential halls at ANU. Griffin Hall is part of the interhall sports competition (ISO) which offers members a competitive yet social environment to play against the other halls on campus. 

ISO offers 16 sports over the course of the year with a wide variety to please all participants. These range from term long sports to weekend carnivals, racquet sports and ball sports.

The non-residential halls promote a culture of participation, encouraging all members to come along to trainings and play matches. 

The following sports are offered over the course of the year:

- Basketball

- Soccer

- Rugby 7s (Male)

- AFL (Male) 

- AFL 9s (Female)

- Tennis (mixed)

- Table Tennis

- Badminton

- Ultimate Frisbee (mixed)

- Touch

- Road Relay

- Softball (Female)

- Netball (Female)

- Cricket

- Volleyball

Inward Bound (IB)
IB  is an endurance and orienteering running competition that all of the ANU colleges compete in. Participants are blindfolded and dropped in an unknown location and then in teams of 4 have to navigate and run back to a specified position called Endpoint. There are 7 Divisions who are dropped between 30-100km away from Endpoint! It's a tough but amazing experience and a lot of people who have done it love it!