Social Events and Activities

The non-residential halls coordinate and organise numerous social events throughout the year, both within their own halls and also with the social interhall committee (SIC) which involves students from other halls and organisations.

Internally, social representatives will organise major events, such as:

- Commencement
Commencement is a celebration of the start of Griffin Hall's year. It's a chance for all of our members to come together and mingle - meeting each other and making friends! It is a semi-formal event which usually includes drinks, nibbles, and dancing

- Mid-Year Social

- Valedictory
Valedictory occurs towards the end of semester two and is Griffin Halls' opportunity to celebrate our members who made significant contributions to Griffin Hall over their year. With several awards presented to our members and recognition of their achievements it's always an evening to remember. Valedictory is our formal event of the year which usually includes a sit down dinner, drinks, dancing, and awards.  

- Buttery Nights (with other ANU Halls)
Mixers happen throughout the year and allow Griffins to meet and mingle with members from other Halls. These normally take place at the respective Hall's buttery (their canteen) and often has fun dress or activity themes. They're a lot of fun for both Griffin and other Halls alike.


The social portfolio also involves smaller-scale events, including:

- Board Game Nights

- Movie Nights

- Trivia

- Pot Luck Dinners

- Fire Pit Evenings

- Picnics

- Star Gazing

- Coffee Outings

These events populate students' calendars throughout the year, help new students to acclimatise to university life, and provide numerous opportunities to meet new people and engage with on-campus life..