Communities and Support

As part of our Griffin community, there are many events activities hosted in various areas of interests for members. This, includes: 

Art Communities

The Arts portfolio within Griffin hall provide gateways into on-campus Arts communities and events, particularly the ANU interhall arts competition (IAC).
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Sports Communities

A variety of sports are on offer to our members. Griffin Hall is part of the interhall sports competition (ISO) which offers members a competitive yet social environment to play against the other halls on campus. More information >>

Social Communities

Griffin hall coordinates various internal and external social events throughout the year. Social events provide opportunities for students to widen their network and meet with other students from other halls and organisations. More information >>


In addition to the events and activities above, members can also access various support and personal development opportunities below: 


A team of Community Assistants are available to provide peer support to members. Not only do they assist students transitioning into the university experience, but they also support members with any pastoral care requirements that may arise.  

Later-year, experienced students along with ANU staff members are selected to take on these positions and are trained in variety of skills to best support our members. Our teams are trained to empower our members by fostering a resilient and adaptable community. Student leaders are also supported by ANU staff members (Non-Residential Hall Coordinator and the Honorary Head of Hall). 


Personal Development

Various personal development opportunities are available in Griffin Hall. This, includes  
-  Members Association Committee 
-  Community Assistant Team 
- Academic Mentor Team 
- Inward Bound Coaches.  
- School to Tertiary Outreach Mentoring Program (STOMP)  

Whether members are interested in organising events, providing support to other members or mentoring refugee students within the Canberra community, the non-residential halls offer multiple leadership opportunities that complement the traditional university experience. These leadership positions are open to all members.  Successful applicants will receive training packages specific to their roles, with qualifications they can utilize upon role completion.