Let's Speak English!

Conversation groups are a great way to meet new people and practise your English. During semester we are offering English conversation groups via Zoom and in person.

These are fun and relaxed groups for ANU students, guided by an experienced peer facilitator. Students who have English as their first language also volunteer their time with the groups, so that everyone gets a chance to have conversations with native English speakers.

In Semester 1, 2023, the groups will run from Weeks 1-12.

Monday 1-2pm online

Tuesday to Thursday 1-2pm in-person: Marie Reay Teaching Centre Room 4.05

Friday 1-2pm in-person: Marie Reay Teaching Centre Room 4.04

To access the Zoom login details for the online sessions, please enrol yourself in the Academic Skills Appointments Wattle site, and go to the Let's Speak English section.

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