Mentor New Students

Mentoring is a great way to develop new skills, connect with fellow students, and give back to the ANU community. All mentors are provided with training, advice, and support throughout the program/s. As volunteers, mentors are also eligible to have their mentoring contributions counted towards the ANU+ Award.  

First Year Experience and Set4ANU mentors play a vital role in welcoming new students to the ANU community, answering their questions, directing them to appropriate support, and being a friendly, knowledgeable contact point for students as they commence their ANU journey. While STOMP mentors provide academic, career, and life skills support to Refugee Bridging Program and EAL/D students from Dickson College. 

Set4ANU Mentoring Program 

SET4ANU Mentor Video
The Set4ANU Mentoring Program is a fun, free program for new commencing students, designed to prepare students to excel at ANU through holistic support during their first semester. New students are paired with a later year student mentor who can help them make new friends, answer their questions, and share knowledge and networks to help them settle into their study here at ANU.  
Set4ANU Mentors can expect to undertake the following duties:   
  • Contact and support mentees online from the beginning of N-Week (two weeks before semester begins)   
  • Support mentees throughout their first semester, utilising the resources, training, and support provided by the Student Engagement Officer and Set4ANU Student Leaders 
  • Be a point of contact and reassurance during mentee’s orientation and transition to ANU   
  • Encourage and facilitate mentees in participating in Set4ANU events and foster their ability to understand ANU processes, create their own social networks in Canberra, and develop the skills they need to be a successful ANU student   
  • Respect the University’s equity and diversity and Work Health & Safety (WHS) policies.       
Set4ANU Mentors must also complete the following training:  
  • New mentors: Complete 1hr of group training (online) during the semester before they commence mentoring + Complete 2hrs of online training before the program begins.  
  • Continuing mentors: Complete approx. 1hr of continuing development before their next semester of mentoring.

Register to become a Set4ANU Mentor here:

First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) program is an events and group mentoring program that supports new domestic undergraduate students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds with their transition to ANU. It is open to low-socio-economic/low-income background, refugee, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, regional, rural and remote students as well as students who are the first in their family to attend university (first-generation). FYE assists students to find services and support at ANU as well as connecting them to peers with similar experiences.  

FYE Mentors can expect to undertake the following duties:  

  • Lead planned group activities as part of formal FYE events, such as the FYE bump-in and campus scavenger hunt  
  • Facilitate post-event discussions for FYE talk and panel events  
  • Coordinate regular, informal catch-ups with your mentee group to provide social connection, advice and information, and wellbeing support and referrals  
  • Coordinate group contributions to FYE challenges and competitions  
  • Help with immersing the students into the ANU and local Canberra communities  
  • Assist with planning FYE events  
  • Contribute to FYE communications, including newsletter and social media  
  • Liaise with ANU staff to ensure smooth delivery of the program and appropriate referral of students Complete required training, attend mentor workshops and provide regular feedback to FYE staff 
  • Comply with all ANU policies and procedures, in particular those relating to work health and safety and equal opportunity. 

Note: If you do not come from a traditionally underrepresented background (see first paragraph of this FYE section), you will need to explain why you believe your university experience can still be beneficial for underrepresented students during their university transition. 

FYE Mentors must also complete the following training:  

  • Complete 3hrs of group online training in November 2021 (after exams) 
  • Complete 2hrs of online/in person training in February 2022. 

FYE mentor recruitment has been completed for 2022. If you would like more information or to hear when registrations open for 2023, please contact


The School to Tertiary Outreach Mentoring Program (STOMP) pairs up an ANU mentor with a student from Dickson College to enhance opportunities (including higher education) for high school students with refugee status or who speak English as a Second Language (ESL). Mentors provide a support service including developing abilities with the English language, providing assistance with their subjects, developing academic skills such as time management and communication strategies, and helping them immerse into the Canberra community. Mentors and their students meet fortnightly for one-hour sessions. 

STOMP mentors are expected to provide a mentoring support service to high school students, including: 

  • Developing their skills and confidence when conversing in the English language in a casual setting 
  • Providing academic assistance with course work, including literacy and numeracy skills 
  • Assistance with the development of time management, organisational and communication skills 
  • Help with immersing the students into the local Canberra community 
  • Assistance coordinating larger group sessions 
  • Liaising with teachers at Dickson College and staff at  ANU 
  • The requirement to attend training and reflective workshops and provide feedback 
  • Comply with all ANU policies and procedures, and in particular those relating to work health and safety and equal opportunity 

STOMP Mentors will need to complete the following training: 

  • Group introduction session (1 hour) 
  • Online module (1 hour) 

STOMP mentor recruitment has been completed for 2022. If you would like more information or to hear when registrations open for 2023, please contact

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