Celebrating Community Champions

The ANU+ Award Celebration
06 Jun 2024

ANU+ is really helpful because it helps us learn how to connect with others, how to communicate with others, and you start to think: ‘how can I contribute to my community?’

Adorable rubber duckies have been synonymous with ANU graduations for a while and the ANU+ Celebration held on 31st May saw six exceptional ANU student-volunteers recognised with their very own ‘alumni duck’ and ANU+ Award. These students, in addition to five others finishing this semester, were the centre of a celebration of their achievements as graduates of the ANU+ award – a program by ANU Student Life

The formal presentation of ANU+ award certificates recognised the 60 – 100 hours that these students put into their volunteering over Semester 1 alongside numerous reflection pieces about their volunteering experiences during the program, which are intended to help students to get the most out of their volunteering. 

Reflecting on their experience while at the celebration event, one student explained that ANU+ helped them to upskill for the workforce, commenting that “the most important skills that I learnt from ANU+ are communication and connection.” Their journey was one of realisation that you can develop skills outside of academic study which develop you as a person, beyond your professional skillset. ANU+ facilitated that realisation and opened up a whole new career path to them: “Before I did ANU+, I thought I should just work as a computer coder, being a ‘quiet coder’, but now I’m thinking maybe I can work for a consulting company to help their customers, find their pain point, and find a strategy for a technical solution.” So, how could ANU+ open up your career pathways? Sign up for next semester and find out!

Another ANU+ graduate pointed out the community aspect of the program: “I would recommend ANU+ because other than study we can gain community engagement skills and network, and dedicate our passion … to support other people in our community.” It is not simply about getting an award – although that is a plus (excuse the pun!) – it is about dedicating yourself to your passion and directing that passion towards contributing to your community. Where could you make a difference tomorrow?

Are you looking for volunteer opportunities? Check out opportunities at ANU such as Set4ANU mentoring and external opportunities here!

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