ANU Campus and Walking City tour

Thank you for your interest for ANU Campus Tour + Walking City tour. This tour is intended for  international students and returning off-shore ANU students. In this tour, we will be walking you through the main ANU campus, key buildings, followed by a walking tour to Canberra City Centre (about 2 km walk from Kambri). 

We will take you to banks in Canberra Centre so that you can open your bank accounts after the tour. We will also take you to the News Agents so that you can purchase your transport card after the tour. Other places we will stop by during the tour include: nearest supermarket, shops, public transport locations, amenities and attractions around Canberra City Centre. The tour will take approximately 1 hour, we will walk slow! 

This is a small-group tour, please use this form to register for the tour. Information on this form will be used to plan for resourcing on the day as well us for the purpose of contact tracing. 

For any questions or concerns, please contact ANU Engagement and Success at 

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