Timetable changes

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Some information on this page has been amended due to operational changes made in light of COVID-19

The following amendments have been made to this page (last updated 7 April 2020):

  • Service processes and procedures: Due to remote learning in Sem 1 2020, All locations have been removed from timetabled activities and will now appear as blank on the ANU timetable.  Although other scheduling details remain, there may have been changes in delivery/date/times due to remote learning.  Please refer to your school/convener for up to date class delivery information.

It is strongly recommended that the timetable is checked regularly for updates - especially in the first few weeks of semester, whilst enrolments are open.

In the event of a venue becoming unavailable - such as an equipment failure - the timetable will be updated as a matter of priority and an announcement will be added to the Timetabling page as soon as the Timetabling team are made aware of the issue.

If there are any concerns regarding the class timetable:

Students consult with their course convener, and

Teaching staff contact their College / School timetable contact, in the first instance.