COVID UPDATES: Important updates from timetabling

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Some information on this page has been amended due to operational changes made in light of COVID-19

The following amendments have been made to this page (last updated 17 Aug 2021):

Lockdown: Classes will be held remotely while the campus is in lockdown. Please ignore room information in the current timetable viewer and refer to your course website/convener/school for updates. No classes will be held on campus. 


 CAMPUS  LOCKDOWN  beginning 5pm 12 Aug 2021: 


Although there will be no classes on campus during the lock down, in order to secure the teaching venues for when teaching returns to campus, the details displayed on the timetable viewer will remain unchanged.  This means that the timetable viewer is not the source of truth during the lock down period. Students are advised to ignore room allocation information displayed on the timetable viewer and instead consult with their course conveners and check their course websites regarding alternative arrangements for scheduled teaching events during lockdown. 

For COVID-19 updates see ANU COVID-19 advice page and FAQs