Withdraw from a program as a domestic coursework student

If you decide you no longer want to continue studying at ANU, you should withdraw from your program.

Your withdrawal will be effective from the date the application is received by the University.

If you stop attending classes but don't notify the University that you wish to withdraw, you will remain an enrolled student and will be charged fees and receive fail results for your enrolled courses.

Program withdrawal is final. Readmission to a withdrawn program requires a new application to the University.

Step 1
Advisor appointment

Before withdrawing from your program, you should speak to your ANU Academic College to discuss alternative options such as taking leave from your program or transferring to a different ANU program.

Step 2
Withdraw from your program

You can withdraw from your program using the Manage My Degree eForm, via ISIS

Program withdrawal should be requested before the semester/session/trimester in which it is to take effect.

Withdrawing from your program will automatically drop all courses from the effective date of the withdrawal, including any in progress, and all courses you are enrolled in for future semesters or sessions. The consequences of having your courses dropped when you withdraw from your program are the same as dropping courses without withdrawing from your program.

Step 3
Apply for a fee refund

Students who enrol and withdraw from all courses before the relevant census date will not be liable for the tuition fees/student contribution for those courses and fees already paid may be refundable.

If the relevant census date has passed, you will remain responsible for the tuition fees/student contribution.

Advice to help

Fee refunds