Travel Restrictions Relief Bursary

Applications for the bursary are now open and will close at 11:59 pm AEST, 31 July 2020. 

Last updated: 4:30 pm, 20 March 2020
This bursary allows ANU students affected by the Australian Government's mainland China travel restrictions to apply for reimbursement of approved, proven expenses they incur as a result of the travel restrictions. ANU will exercise discretion in applying these conditions.


  • Any ANU student affected by the mainland China travel restrictions and who was unable to arrive at ANU to commence their studies by 24 February 2020 can apply for this bursary. 
  • The University will offer up to A$5000 per student who submits an approved application with written proof of the expenses they are seeking reimbursement for.  You will also need to provide written evidence of the expenses you would like us to reimburse with your application. 
  • In order to receive a reimbursement, you need to be enrolled as an ANU student on 10 June 2020. ANU will exercise discretion in applying these conditions.  

Application Form

  • The application form for the Travel Restrictions Relief Bursary can be found on the button titled 'Bursary Application Form.'

Application Closing Date

  • The first round of applications will close on 11:59 pm (AEST) 31 July 2020. This will allow students who have postponed their studies for Semester 1, 2020 to apply.
  • After 31 July 2020, the application will be available again in January 2021 and will only be available for students who have postponed their studies for Semester 2, 2020. 

Additional Information

  • Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions under 'Reference Documents' for further information. 
  • You can also contact Student Central if you have any further questions.