Research Program Change and Research Program Transfer

Higher degree research students have two options to choose wanting to change their research degree.

A research degree transfer is a level transfer between PhD to MPhil or MPhil to PhD.  A research degree change occurs when a student changes disciplines but remains at the degree same level, for example, changing research schools or colleges. A research degree change can only take effect from the first day of each academic quarter. A research degree transfer make take effect any time throughout the year.

You may also apply to change your study load at the same time as a research degree change or research degree transfer.

Step 1
Advisor Appointment

Make an appointment with your supervisor to discuss your research and reasons for requiring a change or transfer of your research degree.

Step 2
Review Scholarship

Students who are in receipt of a scholarship should read their scholarship conditions of award before applying for a research degree change or research degree transfer and confirm if they are eligible to continue to recieve their scholarship after the change or transfer takes effect.

Step 3
Submit Application

You will need to complete the Application for Change of Research Program and submit it to your ANU College.  If you are changing colleges or research schools, the application must be approved by both your current academic area and the area you are wishing to move to.  Applications should be submitted two to three months in advance of the effective date of change.

If you are transferring from PhD to MPhil, you should be aware that if you have completed more than two years full-time enrolment in your PhD, you will also need to apply for an extension of your research program effective from the date you wish to transfer into the MPhil, as you will have already consumed the allocated standard duration of time to complete the MPhil.

Once approved and processed you will be advised in writing of your new program, which you will be able to view in ISIS.

Resources to help

Step 4
International student procedures

Once the application is approved and processed, International students will be issued a new CoE by the Graduate Research Office.