Swiss Embassy Prizes

Offered by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences


The prizes shall be awarded each year to the students who, in that year was enrolled in a course leading to an award of a degree of Bachelor; and submitted the best major piece of written work in the French or German or Italian language courses offered by the University and participating in the essay competition.

Details of prizes including eligibility and Conditions of Award are subject to change without notice.

Previous winners

Year Name
2015 Emily La (German)
2015 Anton Conos (German)
2015 Martyna Judd (German)
2015 Julian Wright (Italian)
2015 Pia Cashel (Italian)
2015 Timothy Dalziel (Italian)
2015 Isabel Wormald (French)
2015 David Fang (French)
2015 Sarah Barrie (French)
2014 Alice Lloyd (French)
2014 Bronwyn Thomas (German)
2014 Timothy Boston (German)
2014 Anja Giddings (German)
2014 Gene Schirripa (Italian)
2014 Timothy Hays (Italian)
2014 Melanie Kennard (Italian)
2014 Hannah Bartlett (French)
2014 Shenelle Egbert (French)
2013 Thomas Underwood (German)
2013 Joanna Herrmann (German)
2013 Patrick Wilson (German)
2013 Anthony Morre (French)
2013 Georgina Lennard (French)
2013 Samuel O’Donnell (French)
2013 Corinne Magnocavallo (Italian)
2013 Rosanna Trimboli (Italian)
2013 Marlene Radice (Italian)