Alliance Francaise de Canberra Prizes

Offered by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences


The prizes shall be awarded each year to candidates for the degree of Bachelor who have achieved outstanding results in that year in the study of French (Beginners French, Continuing French, Intermediate French, Advanced French, Honours in French).

Details of prizes including eligibility and Conditions of Award are subject to change without notice.

Previous winners

Year Name
2015 Andrew Findell-Aghnatios (Advanced French)
2015 Ian James Fulton (Intermediate French)
2015 Jasper Jonathan Bedwell-Wilson (Continuing French)
2015 Jessica Win (Introductory French)
2015 Peter John Dunn (Honours)
2014 Jessica Van Lieven (Advanced French)
2014 Anne Filing (Continuing French)
2014 Hannah Bartlett (Intermediate French)
2014 Enrica Wong (Introductory French)
2013 Janet Holmes (Beginners French)
2013 Codie Bell (Continuing French)
2013 Anthony Moore (Intermediate French)
2013 Joanna Herrmann (Intermediate French)
2013 Jock Webb (Advanced French)
2013 Laura Brown (French IV (H))