Enrolment for Remote Study Students

** Reminder: Census Date for Semester 1, 2021 is 31 March, 2021.


What is remote participation?

Remote participation is a study option available if you are impacted by the recent travel restrictions. ANU courses will be made available online, including lectures, tutorials and readings. These courses will be flexible for on-campus participation and remote participation. For more detailed student information, please visit the Student FAQs - Coronavirus and Travel Restrictions webpage.

How do I enrol as a remote study student?

Please follow the steps listed below for instructions on how to enrol as a remote study student.  If you have any questions regarding remote participation, including please visit this page.

Can I enrol in remote participation courses if I am not affected by the travel restrictions?

A range of courses have been made available for remote participation specifically for students affected by the travel restrictions.

If you are a student not affected by the travel restrictions, ANU offers a range of courses which are delivered online and available as part of the standard University course catalogue. For more details, please refer to the Programs and Courses webpage. You may also contact your Academic College for further advice.

What key dates do I need to be aware of?

Key dates for remote study students can be found on this page. Please note that the dates outlined on this document are correct at the time of publication. Make sure you check back on the 2020 Key Dates - Remote Participation webpage for the most up to date information. 

Need help with your password?

  • New Students: You should have received a Password Email from ANU. If you did not receive this email, please refer to this page for further instructions.
  • Current Students: If you require a password reset, instructions can be found on this page. You can also contact our IT Service Desk on 02 6125 4321 for further assistance.

Who do I contact for additional information and support? 

- Academic Colleges

Your Academic College is the place to go for any academic advice including which courses you can study remotely to meet your program requirements.

  • College of Business & Economics
    • offcampus.support.cbe@anu.edu.au 
    • +61 2 6125 3807
  • College of Law
    • enquiries.law@anu.edu.au
    • +61 2 6125 3483
  • College of Asia and the Pacific
    •  cap.student@anu.edu.au
    • +61 2 6125 3207
  • College of Arts and Social Sciences 
    • students.cass@anu.edu.au
    • +61 2 6125 2898
  • College of Engineering and Computer Science
    • studentadmin.cecs@anu.edu.au
    • + 61 2 6125 4450
  • College of Science
    • science.enquiries@anu.edu.au
    • + 61 2 6125 2809


- Student Support Services

The following support services are available to students who are affected by the coronavirus and travel restrictions: 

  • Student Central
    • student@anu.edu.au
    • +61 2 6125 3339
  • Access & Inclusion 
    • access.inclusion@anu.edu.au
    • +61 2 6162 5036
  • ANU Counselling
    • counselling.centre@anu.edu.au
    • +61 2 6172 0455
  • IT Services
    • +61 2 6125 4321


- Social Media

Follow our official ANU social media channels for the latest ANU updates and news: 

  • WeChat: ANU_Australia
  • Weibo: 澳大利亚国立大学




    Step 1
    Check your program plan

    Use the Programs & Courses search to find your degree.

    Program pages include 'more information for first year students' as a link in the summary box. You'll notice that:

    • some courses are compulsory and are pre-filled in the Study options table
    • some courses are electives, allowing you to choose from course options within your field of study.

    Head back to the search page to browse the range of courses, majors, minors and specialisations that meet your program requirements.

    Step 2
    Check if your course is available remotely

    ANU is offering a number of courses via remote participation. To see the full list of courses, please visit this page.  

    Please note, this course list will be updated regularly. To ensure that you are receiving the most up to date information, please check the link above for the latest remote participation course list. 

    Step 3
    Complete an Application for Enrolment Change Form

    11:59 pm (AEDT), 1 March, 2021 is the last day for remote study students to enrol in courses via ISIS.

    Any enrolments after this date can be arranged by submitting an Application for Enrolment Change form to your Academic College. 

    Step 4
    Access your course/s remotely

    To access your course/s remotely, you need the Web Access to Teaching and Learning Enviornments (WATTLE). WATTLE is the doorway for many online course tools including, Echo360 for lecture recordings and Zoom for live video tutorials and meetings. 

    To test your remote access and find out more about accessing ANU courses remotely, please refer to the 'Accessing ANU courses remotely' section of the student FAQs page. 

    Step 5
    Once in Australia, collect your student card

    Your student card is your official form of identification as a student at ANU. It gives you access to a range of services on campus like borrowing books from libraries, access to printers, copiers and computer labs. It can also get you student discounts for ACT public transport, movie tickets and more.  

    Once you have arrived in Australia, please visit Student Central to collect your student card. You are required to bring a valid photo ID such as a Driver's Licence or Passport. For more information, please visit this page