Semester 1, 2021 Grading System

What is a CRS/CRN? 

Course Requirements Satisfied (CRS)

Instead of a passing grade e.g. High Distinction (HD), Distinction (D), Credit (C,  Pass (P) or Pass at a Supplementary Examination (PS). CRS means that course requirements have been met and that the course will count towards your degree or award. Please note, a CRS grade will not form part of your GPA calculation.

Course Requirements Not Satisfied (CRN)

Instead of a fail grade e.g. Fail (N) or Not Completed/Fail (NCN). Please note, a CRN grade will not count towards your GPA calculation and it will not be viewed as a fail in the context of your expected academic performance.

Who is eligible? 

In Semester 1 2021, all ANU coursework students are eligible to apply for a CRS/CRN final grade for a course [or courses] where they have:

  •  been significantly impacted due to COVID-19 circumstances not foreseen at the beginning of semester; and/or
  •  been significantly impacted  by overseas political circumstances not foreseen at the beginning of semester.  

Important note for Honours and Masters-Advanced students:  While CRS/CRN grades conceal the final course mark, the calculation of the final Honours/Masters-Advanced result will draw on the numeric marks of all Honours coursework.  

Important considerations 

CRS/CRN grades can have significant unintended impacts, including: 

  • it can negatively impact professional accreditation; students should seek program specific advice from their academic College or School;
  • it can make an applicant ineligible for particular scholarships;
  • it can make an applicant ineligible for particular academic programs. 

Students should carefully consider their circumstances before requesting a CRS/CRN.

PLEASE NOTE: Once a CRS or CRN grade has been applied it will not be possible to revert to a numeric grade; only the CRS/CRN will be recorded to the student's academic record.

Who decides the outcome? 

The granting of a CRS/CRN grade to a course [or courses] is an academic decision; your academic College will determine if a CRS/CRN grade is a reasonable adjustment in the context of your stated circumstances and the above criteria.

The CRS/CRN decision will be made by the College Associate Dean (Education)  [or delegate], not by an individual Course Convener.

Courses excluded from the CRS/CRN grading system

  • Course exclusions may apply [examples include Higher Degree by Research (HDR) courses, honours or project-based courses and courses using non-standard grading scales]. The academic Colleges reserve the right to determine excluded courses;
  • Students with a block on their record, for example due to the non-payment of fees, must resolve the issue before any change of grade will be considered;
  • Students found to have engaged in academic misconduct or a breach of the Discipline Rule in the course will not be eligible for a CRN or CRS grade, regardless of whether the misconduct/breach itself resulted in the final fail grade for the course.

    Students found to have engaged in poor academic practice are eligible to apply for the CRN or CRS grade.

How to apply for a CRS/CRN | Special Consideration eForm

  • Login to ISIS using your UNID and password;
  • From the main menu, navigate to: > ISIS > Degree Management > Manage My Degree;
  • Select 'Manage Special Considerations and Deferred Examinations' from the list and click 'Apply';
  • Click each course you wish to have considered for Special Assessment Consideration;
  • Click on the checkbox against each course you wish to be considered for the CRS/CRN grading system;
  • Attach your statement and supporting documentation;
  • Submit your application (applications should be completed and lodged within 3 business days of the final assessment item for the course).
Students are encouraged to seek support whenever needed. 
Please visit the Health, Safety & Wellbeing webpage for available support services.