Class Summaries (formerly Course Outlines)

What are Class Summaries and what information do they contain?

Class Summaries (previously known as Course Outlines) provide detailed and standardised information on classes that will be offered. Some courses may have multiple classes on offer and each class will have it's own class summary.  Class Summaries will be publicly available through Programs & Courses will include information such as:  

  • Assessment summary including assessment task, due date, percentage allocation, date for return of assessment and linked learning outcomes; 
  • Course convener contact details such as phone, email and hours for student consultation and; 
  • Information regarding support services and relevant policies.

In some instances additional information may also be provided through Wattle. 


Where can I find my Class Summary on Programs & Courses?

  1.  Find your course on Programs & Courses.
  2. Select the Offerings and Fees tab.
  3. Under the heading "Offerings and Dates", find your class.
  4. If a Class Summary is available, there will be an active 'View' link.


How to do I print my Class Summary on Programs & Courses?

  1. Find your Class Summary on Programs & Courses.
  2. There will be a pdf download button on the right hand side of the page underneath the twitter icon.
  3. Click on the download button to save your Class Summary as a pdf. Once saved you will be able to print.