What is the ANU Respectful Relationships Unit?

The ANU Respectful Relationships Unit is the culmination of the University's ongoing work in seeking to prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment before it occurs and to respond appropriately in instances where it does happen.

The Respectful Relationships Unit is intended to be a coordination unit that will manage primary prevention efforts, including training, education, community campaigns and information. The Unit will coordinate reporting of instances of sexual assault and sexual harassment and will provide a case support response, providing appropriate referral and support for survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment. The Respectful Relationships Unit is envisioned to be fully staffed by mid-2019.

What is the Unit doing right now?

The Unit is currently focussed on providing coordinated information and training for the ANU Community. This work includes significant establishment work in developing strategic plans for the work of the Unit and ensuring a coordinated and effective response to sexual assault and sexual harassment at ANU. The Respectful Relationships Unit has already been involved in a range of work within this space at the ANU, which you can read more about here. (Link to 'Our work so far' subheading).

How did the Unit come to exist?

The Respectful Relationships Unit was formed as a part of the ANU's commitment to implement the recommendations of the 'Change the Course: National Report on Sexual Assault and Harassment at Australian Universities', conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission. The RRU also exists as a result of ongoing hard work and advocacy by members of ANUSA and PARSA, other student activist communities and the commitment of the University Executive.

The Respectful Relationships Unit is working to make the ANU a safer place to live, learn, work and play and while the Unit is currently in the process of growing and developing, we hope that you will support us, get involved and provide feedback as we continue to build our work within the community.