Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy

The Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy is part of the University's long-term, evidence-based and strategic approach to effectively prevent and respond to sexual violence across the University. It was developed over a two-year period in consultation with key advisory bodies and with the valuable contribution of many ANU students, staff, community members and victim-survivors.

Help develop the Rolling Action Plan

In 2020, there will be engagement sessions on the Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy's Rolling Action Plan held on Tuesday 25 February, Friday 20 March and Wednesday 22 April. These sessions are open to everyone in the ANU community, and will be held in the Marie Reay Teaching Centre.

The Strategy and the supporting documents which elaborate on the background and broader context behind the Strategy and which outline the Appendices of the Strategy are available under 'Reference documents' heading on this page.

Sexual Misconduct Policy

The Sexual Misconduct Policy outlines the commitment of the University to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct and to support members of the ANU community to navigate the policy framework as it relates to sexual misconduct. It clarifies ANU's capacity to act in matters of sexual misconduct, what factors inform and determine the parameters of ANU's action, and what the action can entail.

The Policy has been drafted to be trauma-informed and to provide members of the ANU Community with a range of options to access support, including directly from the Respectful Relationships Unit. It also references the online sexual misconduct disclosure form being developed by the Respectful Relationships Unit. Further, the proposed Policy outlines the responsibilities of all staff, students and members of the community to support this Policy and foster a campus free from sexual misconduct.