Information, education & training

There are a range of different training and education initiatives that the Respectful Relationships Unit (RRU) is currently involved with on campus, with the intention to continue expanding the range of training offered to ANU students and staff throughout 2019 and beyond. The RRU is able to tailor information and education for your community to meet your specific needs.

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Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence

Students and staff can both access the online module for Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence on Wattle or Pulse respectively. The online module details how best to respond to disclosures of sexual assault in a safe, supportive and trauma informed way. The RRU also runs in person follow up sessions, facilitated by the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, that give more detailed and practical skills and strategies to respond to a disclosure of sexual violence. 

Consent Matters

The Consent Matters online module is compulsory for all students through Wattle and is available to all staff through Pulse. The online module offers a basic overview of sexual consent and scenarios where consent is important. The module covers how to ask for consent, situations where consent is negated and a brief overview of how to act as a bystander. The Respectful Relationships Unit runs sessions to contextualise consent matters before communities participate, and also has a good practice consent matters debrief guide. 

Student Ambassador Bystander Intervention Program

In 2018, the Respectful Relationships Unit began a pilot program of 15 student ambassadors to trial different ways to engage with the community about how to be effective bystanders. In 2019, the volunteer program is continuing. The goal of the student ambassador program is to encourage the community to reflect on the ways in which each of us can contribute to improving the culture of our community and the individual actions that we can take to make the ANU a more inclusive and safe environment.