Education, training and resources

Training and education

The Respectful Relationships Unit (RRU) runs a range of training and education initiatives for ANU students and staff. They are designed to increase understanding of sexual violence, support preventative strategies, and provide guidance on receiving disclosures of sexual violence. For more information on our program please visit our Eventbrite page.

The RRU is interested in working alongside our diverse communities at ANU, responding to their specific needs and contexts. We encourage you to get in touch with is to discuss how we can support you and your community through bespoke offerings.


The RRU has both hard and soft copies of print resources that can be accessed by the ANU community. They are designed to provide important information on ANU support services including disclosure and reporting processes as well as build community literacy around sexual violence. You can view them here.

If you would like to design your own bespoke resources for your community please contact us by emailing

Safe Events Guide

The RRU can assist with making events safe and respectful. The Safe Events Framework is a valuable resource for event organisers. It outlines steps for planning, setting up, running and reflecting on safe events. The RRU can provide training to event organisers and volunteers on topics such as bystander interventions or how to have difficult conversations. We also offer debriefing for organisers and attendees if something not OK has happened at an event.