Strengths 4 Success

Strengths 4 Success is a student success program which positions your academic success and your wellbeing as equally important outcomes.

It involves identifying your talents, providing you with opportunities to develop your talents, and a framework for applying them to achieve your goals, such as student leadership opportunities.

The Strengths 4 Success program is based on the idea that each student entering university already has a set of talents they can use to achieve and succeed at university. Each student's unique set of talents can enable and empower them to do certain things very well at university and beyond.

The key to a student's achievement is through students:

  1. identifying their greatest talents
  2. developing strengths based on those talents
  3. applying strengths in academic learning and achievement tasks.

The Strengths 4 Success program provides students with the opportunity to determine their future achievements and quality of life by discovering their greatest talents, and developing and applying their strengths at university. Building self-confidence based on what comes naturally to you and the unique talents you bring to life, study and your relationships with others. Therefore, the most critically important job for students is to discover their greatest talents, and then develop and apply those strengths in the many courses, programs, services and opportunities available through a university education.