Accessible parking

Accessible parking spaces are available in various areas around campus.

ANU requires students who are Government Disability Parking Permit holders to also apply for an ANU Disability Parking Permit in order to use accessible parking spaces on campus.

This is required so that ANU accessible parking can be monitored and only eligible students can use the allocated spaces.

Authorisations will only be issued to those students who can demonstrate a need (through medical documentation) for access to accessible parking, whether on a temporary or permanent basis. ANU permits need to be re-issued each year.

Correctly displayed ANU Disability Parking Permits allow a student to park in:

  • marked accessible disability parking bays
  • pay or voucher parking spaces at no charge
  • timed parking bays for extended times for:
    • a maximum of two hours if the signposted time limit is 30 minutes or less
    • unlimited time if the signposted time limit is more than 30 minutes.

ANU Disability Parking Permits do not allow vehicles to be parked in unauthorised zones, such as:

  • loading
  • bus
  • medical practitioner
  • no stopping/parking zones
  • red kerbs
  • similar restricted areas

ANU Disability Parking Permits are only valid on the ANU campus and does not entitle a student to use accessible parking off-campus, in council car parks, etc.