Workshop/event: ANU MakerSpace Inductions

The ANU MakerSpace is a growing network of spaces across campus that offer a community and a variety of tools to help people learn by doing. The MakerSpace community is available to all current ANU staff and students and is free to use.
Projects undertaken in the ANU MakerSpace can be linked to education, research and personal hobbies. We believe that inter-disciplinary environments breed creativity, and that everyone has something they can teach everyone else. We are a commons for curiosity - a truly research-led environment, furnished with resources for people to experiment, investigate, prototype, and solve problems. Our aim is to empower users with confidence to be life-long self-learners and makers. Currently, everyone must complete our COVIDSafe Induction before they can book their New Member induction. This consists of a fun 4 minute video and a short Acknowledgement form. Once a potential new member submits that form, they'll get an email inviting them to the booking page where they can book into any of the available New Member Inductions over the coming two weeks.
The New Member induction runs for 1 hour and introduces members to the culture, safety protocol and resources of the ANU MakerSpace network. After that induction you'll be able to use 90% of the tools in the MakerSpace @ Physics without further formal training. You'll be able to access the more high risk tools and the other MakerSpace locations through further inductions once you're a member.

Inductions are explained on the 'Join Us' page of the ANU MakerSpace website:

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