When self-esteem falls short: cultivating self-compassion to enhance motivation, reduce stress and improve wellbeing

The pursuit of achievement and success often involves a critical evaluation of ourselves, often in comparison to others. What happens when we realise we can't all be 'the best'? Most of us believe being harsh on ourselves encourages high standards; but on the contrary, it leads to decreased motivation, heightened stress and increases the risk for mood disorders.

Self-compassion is an alternative way of relating to the self with gentleness and kindness, while still living in accordance with important life values. It has been shown to enhance motivation, facilitate resilience and improve overall wellbeing. Self-compassion has been increasingly embraced by people from all walks of life, including the leaders of the world's biggest corporations such as Google.

This seminar will explain the principles underlying self-compassion and explore ways to cultivate kindness towards ourselves in daily life.