Waheed Jayhoon

When I first moved to Canberra back in 2007, I never thought that I would have the good fortune to be afforded all the opportunities that I've had so far. Since then I have remained close to the nation's capital, and, studying at ANU was still an easy choice. There is such a varied population of students here that we have a great mesh of cultural identities and voices promoted throughout the campus, and I usually find myself inspired by the amazing people around me.

During my time at ANU I've had great pleasure in working on Woroni, the ANU Student Newspaper. It is great to have an avenue to showcase the variety of opinion in the student body, even though it is sometimes contentious and often differs from my own. Being the chief editor of Woroni has given me a real opportunity to interact with the wider campus that I might not as a regular student. I've enjoyed the opportunity to promote student life, bringing people and cultures together, and I think journalism has helped me to do that.

Even though Afghanistan (where I'm from) and Australia (which I, for now call home) are very different places, with a very different set of languages, values and philosophies, there is value in this diversity, just like all the other diversity that can be unearthed at ANU. I hope that over the next year, I can help shine a light of some pressing topics and hidden curiosities that help make ANU what it is."