Undergraduate Research: ACUR Conference

What is ACUR@ANU 2021? 

ACUR is the Australasian Council for Undergraduate Research. ACUR hosts an annual undergraduate research conference. This year, ANU will host the ACUR conference from 15 - 17 September 2021. Undergraduate students within and outside ANU are warmly welcomed to submit an abstract. The abstract submission deadline has been extended to 19 July 2021

Conference attendance is open to all university staff, students, families and supporters. Registration details are forthcoming.


Abstract Submissions Information 

Abstract submission to ACUR@ANU 2021 is open to all undergraduate students and recent graduates including Honours students (within 24 months of Graduation at Bachelor's level) to present research conducted during or before undergraduate studies including extra-curricular research.

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Your abstract must be no more than 250 words long and include:

  • A clear statement of the research question, problem, or issue being investigated
  • Relevant background information needed to understand the importance of the research question or aim
  • A clear statement of research methodology
  • A summary of your key findings and an indication of the findings' significance. Please ensure that your abstract is written clearly and concisely, and in a way that would be understandable to a cross-disciplinary audience.


Your abstract must receive endorsement from you academic supervisor
Your academic supervisor must endorse your abstract by contacting ACUR@ANU via email: ACUR.2021@anu.edu.au. Academic supervisors can be the lecturer, tutor, marker/grader or other academic teaching staff who oversaw, graded or were otherwise involved with your research from which your submitted abstract is derived.

For more details, please refer to: https://www.acur.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/ACUR@ANU-2021-Abstract-Submission-Guidelines.pdf 



Participate as a Peer Reviewer 

We currently calling for peer reviewers to grade and review undergraduate abstract submissions. All university academic staff including PhD students are eligible to peer review student abstracts. Peer reviewers will be acknowledged  in the Conference program. Register to be a peer reviewer by 19th July 2021 here.

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