The Last Lecture

Dr Robert Wellington, Lecturer in Art History and Art Theory, College of Arts and Social Sciences, delivered the 2017 Last Lecture at 5.30pm on Thursday 26 October.  Thank you to students for voting and all Lecturers nominated for participating in the 2017 Award. 

The Last Lecture is not a University award decided by a committee, and it's not an election; it's for students to decide whom they would like to hear speaking at a 'red carpet' event in October each year - a symbolic end to the academic year.

The Lecturer selected will be enthusiastic and a good speaker, have rapport with student audiences and be someone YOU think should speak to more than just a lecture group. Please note you do not need to have been taught by or enrolled in any of the Lecturer's classes to nominate or vote for them.

The Last Lecture is an initiative supported by the Dean of Students, the ANU Students' Association (ANUSA) and the Postgraduate and Research Students' Association (PARSA).


Any staff member of the ANU who lectures in any class or subject taught this year can be nominated.

Any enrolled student of the ANU can nominate a Lecturer. You may submit more than one nomination but may only vote once.

There is one nomination period in August and September. You may nominate a Lecturer regardless of whether they taught in Semester 1 or 2. Nominations can be submitted online. You will need to enter your student number and ISIS password first.

You will then be asked to give the name of the Lecturer you are nominating and what class you have seen them in. Please be aware that Lecturers will be asked to accept nominations after you have nominated them. You do not need to seek this acceptance beforehand.

You will also need to supply

  • brief but specific reasons why every member of the ANU Community needs to hear this Lecturer
  • your details so we can contact you if we need to confirm details about your nomination.


Voting is held during September - October each year and only enrolled students can vote.

We wish to assure students that ANU uses all reasonable care to protect the privacy and secrecy of the data received. Your identifier will be kept until the result has been determined and announced. Your identifier is not linked to your vote. All material will be destroyed at the appropriate time.

Once you have logged in, you will be asked to select the Lecturer you would like to see deliver the Last Lecture. Please be aware that if your nominated Lecturer is not on the list of nominees, it is because he/she has choosen not to accept the nomination.

The votes a Lecturer receives will then be weighed against the number of students they have taught during the year, based on enrolled student numbers in the subjects they have taught. This is to avoid excluding those who teach small classes.


When the results are calculated and the chosen Lecturer has been contacted, the announcement is made on ANUSA, PARSA and this Dean of Students website. The result is also published on ANUSA and PARSA Facebook pages.

On the last teaching day of the academic year we open the doors for the Last Lecture at 5pm in the Hall, University House. Students are advised to come early as seats are limited and not reserved and every year the audience increases.

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