Sweet and Sour: Linocut Workshop

Join Sweet and Sour to create a handmade piece of art. The workshop will explore linocut printmaking techniques and will be led for emerging Asian-Australian printmakers.

Who can participate?

Anyone from ANU students and staff to the Canberra community can participate. The workshop is also suitable for all abilities and you don't need any experience to participate, just enthusiasm to create something cool. Experienced printmakers will also be there to help you out.

What is a linocut?

A design is drawn onto a piece of lino, which is like a thick piece of vinyl. Using special cutting tools, the design is carved into the lino. Ink is applied to the top surface and printed like a stamp. You can then reproduce this design as many times as you want.

The event will take place on March 25th 2021 from 3pm-6pm at ground floor of Marie Raey Teaching centre in Kambri (Building 155). There will be limited spots available, so grab your free ticket now!


Sweet and Sour is a quarterly Zine publication based in Canberra. Our focus is on Asian identities, and the unique experiences associated with being Asian in Australia. When more than one culture demands your allegiance, there is a bizarre sense of existing between multiple worlds, yet not fully belonging to either. Many of us belong to multiple cultural identities, and face issues relating to belonging, racism and identity. Sweet and Sour is a safe space to explore and share our cultures in a supportive and creative environment.

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