Sweet and Sour: Life Drawing Workshop

Join Sweet and Sour for a mixed media life drawing workshop on 31st March from 3pm-6pm at Ground floor of Marie Reay Teaching centre (Building 155).

Life drawing is the process of drawing the human form in any of its various shapes and postures. A wide range of materials will be provided for you to use and play around with. This workshop is free, and open to individuals of any skill level who wish to try their hand at life drawing, whether this is your first time or not.

There will be a limited number of spots available at the workshop so make sure you register for a free ticket quick! The models will be wearing various traditional chinese dresses, or QiPao, to bring more awareness to Chinese cultures and frame the workshop around our goal of spotlighting Asian Australian experiences.


Sweet and Sour is a quarterly Zine publication based in Canberra. Our focus is on Asian identities, and the unique experiences associated with being Asian in Australia. When more than one culture demands your allegiance, there is a bizarre sense of existing between multiple worlds, yet not fully belonging to either. Many of us belong to multiple cultural identities, and face issues relating to belonging, racism and identity. Sweet and Sour is a safe space to explore and share our cultures in a supportive and creative environment.

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