Student Central goes virtual

24 June 2020

Student Central is often considered as the 'front door' of the University, and we're the first point of contact for many new and continuing students, parents and other members of our community. So what happens when the campus is closed due to COVID-19? We adapt! 

For the Student Central team, it meant going virtual. In the past, students could walk into Level 1 of the Di Riddell Student Centre to speak with one of our friendly staff members on the spot or call us on the phone. Now, you can drop by to chat with us virtually via our Zoom Virtual Drop-in Service or book a Zoom Appointment if you know you'll need a bit longer to talk.  

"I think we have really found a rhythm with our virtual service delivery...It's not only an opportunity to resolve things for students quickly, it is also a wonderful way to speak with students in real-time and maintain the human the element of our service," Assistant Student Information Officer, Tess Boylen said.   

Of course, we're still available by email to, but we've also been focussing on building up our presence on FacebookInstagram and our new Student Central homepage especially with quick 'bites' of video content. These resources are there so you won't have to contact us to get an answer to any of those common questions that lots of other students ask.  

One new virtual resources we've just launched is the Student Central Wattle page, an online information hub that will house a range of Orientation Week resources for new students and continuing students such as video webinars and guides about enrolment, timetabling, domestic fees, international fees and more.  

We'll update the Student Central Wattle page throughout the year as an ongoing resource for all current ANU students, including those in China, easily found alongside the learning resources used in your courses.  

Currently, the Wattle page holds all our Student FAQ Webinars, a video series that addresses the most common queries that we receive each week. These webinars are also available on our Facebook and Instagram. To access the Student Central Wattle, all students need to do is visit this link and click the 'Self-Enrol' button.  

We will also launch a Student Central Chat Bot by Semester 2, 2020 Orientation Week, to help answer any frequently asked questions you might have about ANU student administration. Our Chat Bot will be hosted on the Student Central homepage, which is also the best place to find links to our services and resources.   

"The ANU website has so much information about managing the administrative side of your degree, but sometimes it's tricky to figure out where to find what you're looking for. Our Chat Bot will be there to help guide students to the answers to those quick questions any time of the day or night." Student Central Acting Deputy Manager, Lizzie Gordon said. 

Whether its speaking to us over Zoom, sending us an email or watching one of our webinars, we are still here to guide and support our students. Though the campus is still closed, and our team is working from home, Student Central's virtual doors will always remain open. 


Get in touch with Student Central

If you need any questions or need further guidance with navigating ANU student administration, you can get in touch with us in three easy ways: 
  • Email: Send us an email at, and we'll endeavour to respond within 2-3 business days. Please make sure you use your ANU student email account. 
  • Virtual Drop-in Service: This is the perfect way to get a response to your questions quickly. 
  • Zoom Appointment: Book an appointment to discuss more complex enquiries.

To always stay up to date with the latest updates and news on our services, operating hours and more, you can: