Remote students

We know it's not easy being away from campus so we've created this page of advice and opportunities to connect in with the ANU community when you can't be there in person. This page will continue to evolve as we get feedback from more students studying remotely on what would be useful for us to include here, if you have any thoughts feel free to send us an email.

    Connect with other ANU students

    There are lots of great ways to connect with other ANU students while you're studying remotely with a few suggestions outlined here.

    English conversation groups - great way for students to practice their English language skills. Online Zoom sessions run on 3 different days each week.

    English Wellbeing Enhancement Series, ANU College - another opportunity to practice English language skills.

    ANU Events - sign up to receive updates about different events happening around ANU, including online events.

    ANUSA is working hard on events and activities to help students meet new people and connect. Check out the following groups and pages to find something you may be interested in.

    Resources and support

    Register as a remote student to be kept up to date on events, information and advice for students who are studying outside of Canberra.

    The Reach out for support page has information about how to connect in with University services for virtual support on academics, wellbeing and more.

    Time zone calculator - easy to use tool to work out when events are happening and assessments are due in your local time zone.

    Information for international remote students

    Update on border closures - Australia's borders are closed. Only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members can travel to Australia. More information is available on the Travel advice page.

    • International student pilot program - Unfortunately, the pilot program to bring international students back to ANU has been delayed. This is very disappointing for our staff and students, but we will continue to work with the ACT Government on this program and we will let you know as soon as possible about when it might resume. Latest updates will be published on the Studying remotely overseas page.

    Page last updated: 6/4/2021

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