A variety of sports are on offer to members of the non-residential halls at ANU. Griffin Hall is part of the interhall sports competition (ISO) which offers members a competitive yet social environment to play against the other halls on campus. 

ISO offers 16 sports over the course of the year with a wide variety to please all participants. These range from term long sports to weekend carnivals, racquet sports and ball sports.

The non-residential halls promote a culture of participation, encouraging all members to come along to trainings and play matches. 

The following sports are offered over the course of the year:

- Basketball

- Soccer

- Rugby 7s (Male)

- AFL (Male) 

- AFL 9s (Female)

- Tennis (mixed)

- Table Tennis

- Badminton

- Ultimate Frisbee (mixed)

- Touch

- Road Relay

- Inward Bound

- Softball (Female)

- Netball (Female)

- Cricket

- Volleyball