Meet ANU Student Ambassador Joshua

A positive life-changing experience

...studying interstate and living alone is not only possible, but a great developmental challenge and experience.

I am currently undertaking Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws in my penultimate year. I was inspired by my parents to attend university and am forever thankful for their encouragement and support.

Originally from Melbourne, Victoria, I was given the opportunity to stay at an ANU residential hall, Fenner Hall, for the first few years of my undergraduate career. My time at Fenner was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

I knew very little about the ANU/Canberra prior to accepting my offer, however, it has been a positive life-changing experience. The best thing about ANU is the culture and vibrancy this university exudes. There is always something to do at the ANU. Whether it be a guest speaker from the United Nations has come for a conference or a well-known band has come to ANU Bar to play.

At ANU, it doesn't matter what level you are at, there are people always willing to help you learn or improve your academic, social and sporting skills. Sports clubs are willing to teach, whilst Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) mentors will help you get through your first practical report write-up. A university that is always willing to help and provide assistance to students for academic and extra-curricular activities is a university that would be hard to pass up.

I have been an ANU Student Ambassador for the past two years and have learnt so much from this role. I originally applied as I wished to assure prospective students in a similar position to myself that studying interstate and living alone is not only possible, but a great developmental challenge and experience. Students often ask me questions along the lines of, 'Was it hard to make new friends?' Or 'Does ANU offer much in terms of extra-curricular activities?' I always reply to them by saying that, 'Any university will be able to offer both of these things no matter where you attend. However, what makes ANU so different is the interhall community. This community encourages students from all over the world to know each other through various social, arts and sporting events. In my eyes, these events alone are able to help students make new friends and try new things.

Coming to ANU was a difficult decision to make. Leaving my friends and family back in Melbourne and coming here alone was not easy. Despite this, I do not regret my decision as my journey in Canberra and ANU has helped me develop into the person I am today.

Joshua Ong