Learning communities

ANU Learning Communities is a student-led organisation dedicated to bringing people together to explore areas of common interest. In its events, ANU Learning Communities engages academic, sporting, cultural, artistic, and social communities to facilitate learning outside of the classroom. Events include academic panel discussions, hands-on artistic projects, film screenings, workshops, historical walks, and many others.

Who can come?

Learning communities are inclusive and open to everyone - you don't have to be studying at the ANU to come along. ANU Learning Communities events are open to ANU staff members, alumni, and the general public - as long as you have an interest to learn and connect! Our events are usually family-friendly, but it is best to check the specific event.

You can sign up for the ANU Learning Communities newsletter to be kept up-to-date on the latest news and events or check out the ANU Learning Communities Facebook page for more information and get involved today.


The ANU Learning Communities team runs events dealing with five major themes. You do not need any prior knowledge or specialisation in any of the fields to come along - just a desire to learn!

Creative arts

Creative expression is not just a luxury; it is a vital part of human life. Art, music, drama, literature: they enliven the senses and the mind. Whether you're a mathematician, a sociologist, or a lawyer - we all value the fruits of creativity. Past events include a Monet exhibition visit and a discussion on 'Can We Separate Art from the Artist?'


The distillation of human achievement, language, ideas, values, and philosophies vary between nations, populations, and over time. Even within countries like Australia and communities like the ANU there is a rich diversity of tradition and thought. ANU Learning Communities has helped run multicultural fairs and foreign film screenings.

Global challenges

The pace of change in a globalised world is phenomenal. Technology, population growth, and mass migration pose great global challenges and present opportunities. Geopolitics, health, energy, climate change, water and food security: the list goes on. We discuss how we can navigate these challenges in an increasingly interconnected and uncertain world. Our discussions often explore international relationships, contemporary challenges, and homelessness in a panel-style format.


Over 100 billion people have lived on this planet. Those who are currently alive make up a small percentage. Thinking about the experiences of these people and the ideas and institutions which we have inherited from them helps us to better understand our world in the present. Past events include an Indigenous Heritage Trail Walk and a Horrible History panel discussion.


Despite its vastness, our environment is finite. Not all natural resources are as abundant as we'd like to think, and human progress has often come at the cost of endangering our environment. We explore how human civilisation can go into the future in a way that sustains our environment and its resources. Past events include the 'Great Green Debate' and a Floriade trip.



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